Potato Parcel Endless "Potato Song" Card w/ Glitter
Potato Parcel Endless "Potato Song" Card w/ Glitter
Potato Parcel Endless "Potato Song" Card w/ Glitter

Endless "Potato Song" Card w/ Glitter

Watch the video below to see the card in action! 

Have that one friend or family member you like to annoy? Just a little bit, perhaps? 

Upon pressing the button in the card, it will play a song about potatoes...the thing your friends won't know is that the song WILL NOT STOP! 

Genius, isn't it?! 

The only way to stop the music is to actually destroy the card by ripping it open and cutting the wires. If they don't do that, it will play for about 3-6 hours when the battery will dies out! 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! When the recipient gets fed up and rips the card open, glitter will fly everywhere :)

You can also add a message to the card (message on the card is optional and 250  is the character limit).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So amazing!!

Omg this was the best I sent it to my cousin and accidentally started a prank war... definitely worth it!!!

Good but not Great

Good, loud, annoying song, but my friend figured out that it had glitter in it by googling “how to turn off potato card” so that part was a no-go. Great otherwise. Keep the weird potato stuff coming!

Thought it was funny

Put in freezer though vs smashing with hammer...


It truly did drive my friend crazy but apparently she was too smart for it and around 10 minutes in ripped it open. The song turned out to be about peeling potatoes to get the good inside! 😂

Really the best gift ever.

I've been advised to stay away for my own health and safety after giving this card. The song played for 6 hours originally, another 4 hours after she accidentally got the button and then another 4 hours the next day when her son pressed it!