Potato Pal Couples Bundle

Way more fun than greeting cards or flowers
100% laughter or confusion guaranteed
With every potato you order, a potato is donated to those in need
Great for birthdays, holidays, love notes, or just to make someone smile

Folks, this is what LOVE looks like! Your significant other's favorite gift they never knew about. It's the kinda thing that power couples do :)

This bundle includes:

  • 2 Potato Pals with your uploaded images and optional message (130 characters) 
  • 1 24K Gold Surprise Gift Box
  • 1 Sweet Tooth Candy Pack

Upload a picture of a single person for each potato and we will use that face on the picture. The photo upload preview is just for you to get an idea of how the image will look. Do not worry about the sizing/spacing or centering. We will automatically adjust it for you.

Not sure what to say on your potato? Check out our hilarious Message Ideas page for inspiration! 

Orders arrive in as quick as 2-3 days! 

Your (the purchaser's) shipping address will not show up on the package. If you would like to let the recipient know that it was you who sent the package, please leave your name in the message. Messages can be anonymous or not in this manner. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Carol R.
Good Chuckle

Receivers enjoyed the surprise of potatoes. They were impressed with the quality of the photos .. Made them smile

Jacen R.
Most Excellent surprise!

It was spectacular, my girlfriend loved it! Made her day!!!!

Hannah T.
Greatest Gag gift

My sister and her fiancé recently move out on they’re own over an hour away and i don’t see them as often. Seeing that i could send them a potato with they’re faces on them seemed like the absolute best way to get a smile from both myself and them since i don’t see them as often like i said. Being able to hear they’re laughter and see they’re reactions on FaceTime/ video definitely made my week!

Eli K.
Absolutely hilarious and amazing

I got this randomly for my absolute best friend that I unfortunately haven’t seen in 2 years besides FaceTime. However I didn’t tell him about me getting him anything and he got an absolute kick out of it. You can definitely consider this the best gift ever 😂!

Shelby W.

Worth every penny the reaction from my brother was priceless