Potatoes For Fun and For Food | Donation Efforts

At Potato Parcel my goal is pretty simple. I want to put a smile on the face of every person that receives a potato. When someone opens a package with a heartfelt, funny, or witty message on it, I hope that the experience is something a person will never forget...the day they got a potato in the mail! 

As we want our customers to spread laughter, kind words, and unexpected fun with our products, we do realize that we are using a valuable resource to do so. 

Because of this, Potato Parcel donates one potato for every one sold. We have partnered with local food banks to help us distribute them to those in need. We're proud to say that tens of thousands have been donated and consumed thus far! 

The rest of our potatoes go to you. Once your potato has reached the end of its life, we really encourage you to plant it to make more! Send us a video of you planting your Potato Parcel.  #plantthepotato  🌱

- Riad

Chief Potato Officer