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Potato Parcel
Lisa M.

Purchased for the King of Mashed Potatoes.
The King (my Dad) turned 85 yesterday and what
better gift for him? The potato arrived the day before.
Given what the potato had to go thru, it arrived un-mashed.
This is one potato that will remain intact :)
Thumbs up to Potato Parcel!

Fun and Clever

Fun gift for an older son who ain't come for the holiday. Brings a smile to people's faces and clever way of saying we love you and care!

Potato Love Bear Bundle
Dominique G.

Loved the pop up card, potato is so cool

Potato Postcard
Jamie G.
Great fun!

Such a great and fun gift! Even my friends’s son loved it so much he took it to show and tell at school hahaha

It was exactly what we wanted!

The potato is perfect, ideal gift for anyone who needs a potato with their face on it. Worth the money.

Absolutely hilarious and amazing

I got this randomly for my absolute best friend that I unfortunately haven’t seen in 2 years besides FaceTime. However I didn’t tell him about me getting him anything and he got an absolute kick out of it. You can definitely consider this the best gift ever 😂!


When I saw the ads for this, I HAD to send this to my friend for her birthday! The ordering process was easy, and the personalization is awesome. Once it was delivered, her potato loving self loved it! She said it was the best birthday gift she's ever received lol. I added the birthday gift wrapping and a message on the birthday card, and they hand wrote the message, a nice personal touch! I definitely recommend!

Funny Gift

I have a close friend and we are always sending each other silly stuff online back and forth. Saw an ad on Facebook for Potato Parcel and figured, "why not". So I sent him one for his birthday. To hear him tell the story of when he got it, how he examined it before opening it and then seeing the potato was out right funny! A great gift!

Great gift for a stressed student

I LOVED sending this to my stressed friend in law school. An encouraging message and some study snacks was exactly what he needed, and his texts when he got it were hilarious!

Great Gift!

Got this for my mom and had my face printed on the potato. She opened it at work and the whole office was rolling! Definitely a win :)
Everything was perfect and shipping was super fast.

Potato Pal
So fun!

The potato was adorable and made for a great gift. Paid for expedited shipping and it arrived in 4 days. My friend who the gift was for mentioned how nicely wrapped it was. The potato was a smashing success!

Best Gift Ever!

Sent this to my sister for her birthday. She had no clue who it was from or what it was. She called me laughing! Said she loved it. I will definitely be doing this again.

Fun gift

My friend is celebrating a landmark birthday. She loved the surprise potato greeting.
The glitter bomb i ordered was delivered separately & she had no idea who sent it. A bit frustrating. It was also messy.

Potato Kitty
Lori K.
My potatoe

I loved it! The only thing I think you might think about doing is some how spray something on it so it would last longer and not sprout!

Potato Postcard
Sharon M.
Fun gift!!

We sent a photo potato with candy to a friend in her Freshman year of college. She loved it. Thanks so much

I assumed this would be a perfect gift...

...and it absolutely was! My friend always called their dog a sweet potato so being able to get their sweet pup's face and a message printed on a potato was both funny and a delightful tribute.

Potato Parcel
Ginger Y.

I bought a potato that says “It is your birthday.” on it for my boyfriend’s birthday. We both had a good laugh because it’s a Office reference and we both love The Office. Thank for making our day:)

Laughter for everyone

One of the most beautiful things about this and the reason that pulled me most to send something so fun and silly is because it's just so unexpected and brings a smile to anyone's day. In a time where the world suffers so much, having one moment to bring someone confusion, laughter, and joy is priceless, truly. I loved how my whole family reacted and can't wait to give out more. =) n

Potato Pal
Totally worth the money

This was everything we hoped it would be when sending it to my sister for her bday!! The photo turned out great and it came in an intriguing gold envelope that had her curious even before she opened it. She was shocked and couldn’t stop laughing once she opened it. I was on the fence about doing this just for the laughs but it was totally worth it. If you’re on the fence about it, find a good pic and just go for it!

Potato Parcel
Brittany C.
Bombs away

I got a potato thrown at me... worth it! 😂

Greatest Gift Ever!!!!

Potato was hilarious!!!! Loved it!

Potato Postcard
Kevin C.
Great Laughs

The couple I sent it to burst out laughing when they opened it. Now they threaten to cook it in front of me haha

Very Slow

Ordered in advance of date anticipated (per website) arrived two days past date needed. Disappointed

Potato was cute Very upset that part of the order was missing. Would not order again . The candy was missing from order

Hi Geraldine,

So sorry that we missed this! This is not common and we apologize for dropping the ball here! Please contact us at support@potatoparcel.com about this and we will accomodate you for our error. Thank you.

My Mom Thinks I’m Crazy Now LOL

I got this for my mom’s birthday. I even ordered the extra fancy wrapping paper because I didn’t want her to suspect anything. I had her face printed on the potato and it looked perfect! Anyway she laughed and now things I’m insane. Now my little sisters want their faces on potatoes so I am legally obligated to do so. Lol