Potato Parcel Reviews

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3rd times a charm!

I love giving these gifts out to my family members. They think it's hilarious and is soo the type of gift I would give 😆

Potato Pal
Tracy R.

So fun and what a great surprise to send a kid at college on his big birthday!! hahaha All roommates were cracking up!

Potato Pal
It was a hit!

So excited when my niece texted laughing at her birthday spud!

Potato Parcel
Avi D.
Best gift ever

I got this for my mom for her birthday. I’ve never seen her laugh so much. I think I’ve just created a new family tradition. Best $30 I’ve ever spent.


I’ve never received a potato in the mail before, let alone a potato with a message on it. 10 stars.

Tubular Tuber

This is the funniest gift around!! I can’t wait for another reason to gift someone else a potato!!

Potato Pal
Heather H.
Potatoes 🥔 🥔 🥔 🥔 🥔

It was a potato and it came in a parcel just as advertised. My college-aged daughter loved it ❤️

I got it for one of my friends and she absolutely loved it! It’s probably the best gift to give/receive..hands down!


My friend enjoyed their German birthday potato very much. Ludwig looked beautiful. Five Cats for Five Deutschmarks at Arby's

Potato Parcel
Alyssa W.
We loves it, Precious.

I bought my potato for my husband for Valentine’s Day. We’re both Tolkien fans and if read “I love you more than Gollum hates taters, Precious” and it was a hit 😂

Loved it

The recipient couldn't stop themselves from laughing when the saw that it was an actual potato inside! A novelty idea that went over better than I could have hoped for!

This is a GREAT gift!!

My wife was so thrown off by receiving a potato! She loved it!!!

Good Chuckle

Receivers enjoyed the surprise of potatoes. They were impressed with the quality of the photos .. Made them smile

Potato Postcard
Tiffany L.
What a hit!

My son jokingly talks about potatoes all the time so we thought we would get him a personalized potato for his Valentine’s. He LOVED it. Good quality and good service.

Potato Postcard
Amanda M.

Who doesn’t love a good potato joke?

So fun!

My friend has a very fun view of life. She’s always joking and finding ways to make people happy. This gift was PERFECT for her birthday.

Potato Parcel
Jacqueline F.
Great gift!

My mom had been feeling down, and I thought she could use a good laugh....and boy did she get a good laugh! She called me about 15 min after opening it, because it took that long for her and my sister to stop laughing hysterically about it.....and proceeded to laugh through our entire call. Worth every penny

Great & hilarious

Picture of face was smaller than expected but perfect on a potato. Writing was amazing especially with the texture and uneven area. Very funny gift!

Birthday Spud

Sending a spud and celebrating 30 out of the box for my son stationed in Washington brought a reaction I was hoping for.. A big Smile! Thank you.

Still SPUDtacular!!!

My friends and I live in different states so we cannot celebrate big moments together -- so this is how I do it and now they look forward to getting a raise, promotion, etc! Best way to put a smile on someones face.

Potato Pal
Daniel T.
Toddlers loved it!

They carried the potatoes with them everywhere for days!

Potato Parcel
Chris R.

I figured I was getting a potato because a family member showed me the one he got but I didn’t know what mine was going to say.


VERY VERY HAPPY with this product!

Potato Postcard
Tiffany C.
Perfectly unique

For the person with everything, you can be assured they won't expect this! Super fun

Potato Postcard
Leette G.
Wow, a potato!

A potato, a gift as unique as my cousin. He loved it.