Potato Parcel Reviews

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Potato Parcel
Desiree A.

Honestly I wasn’t sure what if this was the real deal or not when I jokingly bought this for my sister. But it really is! It was so funny and amazing! And the message was printed on so perfect. This is so worth the money

Classy Potato Gift Bundle
Sparkles o.t.A.v.S.
Gift bundle

Gift bundle was great. Everything was as expected. Did not receive candy add on though. Bummed about that.

Hi there,

Sorry about that! Please contact us at support@potatoparcel.com and we'll make up for it!

Loved it. My nephew thought it was hilarious and nothing he would've ever expected 🤣

Potato Parcel
Phyllis A.

This makes such a great gift ! My friend loved it.

Potato Pal
Brian I.

Its exactly what it says it is...your picture on a potato. Not much more to it.

The best gift ever!

So my fiance and I have a inside joke from before we started dating. I have referred to him as mister potato head going on 3 years. For his birthday this year I found this website and I just couldn't resist. I got his face pictured onto the potato with the birthday themed package. I even had "you are my favorite potato" written on the back. When he opened the package he was surprised and laughter filled our whole house as he laugh to tears. He said this was the best thing that he has ever received.

This is definitely a great gift and I highly recommend!

Potato Pal
Joe V.
Was definitely skeptical but.....

This is definitely a gift that is out of the ordinary and will make you stand out from the standard flower types. Made her and her daughter smile so big....

Potato Pal
Bekki H.

Laughs for days! Such an unexpected gift to receive! Image quality is exceptional. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!

Literally Best Gift Ever

This is the best gift I’ve ever given anyone. It was a total hit!

Best GIFT idea EVER!!!!!!

This was seriously the best gift idea I've ever seen. Fast shipping and such a fun gift. HIGHLY recommend sending to a friend

Potato Parcel
Juli E.

The absolute confusion on my friends face when he opened the box MADE MY DAY. 10/10 the best money I have ever spent.

Best present ever!

Our Goddaughter loved her potato parcel! She said it was the best and funniest present she has ever gotten!

Potato Pal
Elaine B.

This was worth every penny. I giggled at least once a day between order and delivery, imagining my friend's reaction. Then when it arrived, neither the product nor her reaction disappointed. Best, most random surprise ever!

“Did you send me a potato?”

A friend lost his step dad and dad, and it was his birthday all in one week. We sent him a potato parcel and he smiled all day about it! He texted and said “Did you send me a potato?” And we laughed and laughed about it!

Bf loves it!

He giggled in joy when he opened it and saw a potato. I'm a big fan of puns so adding those with my face made it extra silly and fun.

Better than I Ever Imagined!

Came out so great! So fun, awesome quality. 10/10 would recommend.


This was the perfect thank you gift for a friend with a mind as silly as mine!

Potato Pal
Steve S.
looked GREAT

I wasn't sure what a [icture would look like on a potato...and it looked AMAZING!! I had a friend in the hospital & sent this...she called SO appreciatively...

Potato Parcel
Stephanie R.
Great gift idea!

Gifted a potato to my sister since she was having a rough week. She loved it!! She was super surprised and it gave us both a good laugh

Potato Parcel
Karen T.
Unexpected gift

I sent a “message potato” to my nephew who is in military training (along with the candy addition). He loved it! It’s certainly the most unique mail package he’s gotten so far. The potato will sit in their “common area” for everyone to enjoy.

Perfect potato

EXACTLY what I wanted and was the best gift. A real treat to see someone so excited open a box and they see a potato! It was amazing, hilarious, and with every cent.

Potato Parcel
Kaitlin D.
Perfect gift

Sent to my friend for his birthday and it was definitely the most creative gift he received! And shipment was true to what they projected

amazing gift

i sent this as a thanks to my friend for taking care of my cats while i was on vacation. it came in pretty quickly, and she thought it was hysterical. a great gift for anyone really.

Potato Pal
Jacob Y.
Excellent quality & customer service

Picture quality came out really well and the first time I ordered this I put the wrong delivery address. Customer service was extremely quick and they sent out an additional potato the next day to the correct address free of charge. Extremely satisfied.

This was so amazing!!

I couldn’t be with my boyfriend on his birthday but he got to be with potato-me instead. He said he’s going to keep it until I make him throw it away