Potato Parcel Reviews

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Potato Pal
Aimee G.

My cousin and I always buy gag gifts for birthdays/Xmas. This was so fun to send him and receive the call after he received it. Made my day and his :)

Loved it

My father sent me some money to use for Mothers Day and I remember this site and decided this was the way to go. When we got it we both laughed our asses off. If I could rate this any higher than 5 stars I absolutely would. I’ll definitely be buying again, maybe even for Fathers Day!


Cool gift for my moms 50th birthday. She loved it!!

Potato Pal
Kristie S.

This was beyond what I thought it would be! I am so very happy I finally ordered. I will be sending these to everyone I know!!

Potato Pal
Cindy C.
Great surprise!

I sent this to a friend as a surprise gift. It was very well received and an unforgettable gift! Lots of laughs had by all.

Potato Parcel
Stef H.
Absolutely perfect!

Arrived faster then expected, perfectly done, hilarious gift. Highly recommend!!

Potato Parcel
Gerry D.
Too fun !

Quick delivery - kept me well informed of the "potato progress" thru to delivery.
Really fun present. Always well received.

Momma said it was the weirded gift she has received, it worked!

Potato Pal
Absolutely amazing!!

This was a mother's day gift
It made myself and my mom laugh to tears

Potato Parcel
Alyssa B.

It was a incredible gift I got it for my mom she loved it I is a amazing gift that will be remembered for generations

Who doesn’t love a potato?

My mother was surprised to receive such a unpredictable yet thoughtful gift. It turned out nice and spuddy. Thanks Potato Parcel!

Potato Parcel
Ethan G.
Hilarious and incredible!

The potato parcel arrived EXACTLY on time, and they sent me plenty of updates to make sure I knew where my parcel was. It also made for a hilarious and nice gift for my best friend even though she lives far away. Overall, if you are looking for a gag gift or even a serious message to be sent, I could not recommend the potato parcel enough!

Loved it!

My mom thought it was hilarious, and funniest gift she’s ever gotten!

Great Shipping!

I had to delay shipping because the recipient was out of town and it went out on the selected day, was delivered on time and in great condition!

Great Touch!

This is absolutely the cherry on top of this gag gift! The perfect finishing touch!

Potato Pal
Brandon B.

This was the best surprise ever! My best friend never saw it coming and did a whole unboxing video because she thought it was coming from work. The picture quality was outstanding!

Potato Parcel
Blake R.
Girlfriend loved it

It came in quick and my girlfriend got a real kick out of it !

Potato Pal
Janet D.

What an awesome gift to give!

Very unique!

Very funny and perfect gift for any occasion.

Potato Pal
Trisha G.
Unique gift!

Bought this for my best friend who has moved away and was celebrating a milestone birthday! It was a fun unique gift for the occasion and now “I’m” with him every day!! I really love that potato parcel gives to the food shelf too! I will be ordering again!!

Potato Parcel
Jennifer I.
Most hilarious gift

What a bizarre and excellent idea for a gift.

Potato Pal
Lisa R.
Hilarious and fun gift!

Bought this as a joke for my dear friend. She laughed and said it made her day! Hilarious and funny!

These are too cute!

I got one for the hubby for his birthday and we been together for 24 years. This was THE perfect surprise gift! We had a great laugh together! Thank you for this! 😁👍

Potato Pal
Susan B.
Best baby shower gift ever!

My daughter and her boyfriend LOVED the potato parcel with their picture on one side and "Congratulations on your little spud!" on the other side. They are going to have it epoxied so that it lasts forever!

Super impressed! Solid work by you guys!