Potato Parcel Reviews

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Worth every penny the reaction from my brother was priceless

Spilled the Potato beans!

I sent a potato telling my fiancé “Thanks for Proposing” and apparently he hadn’t told his roommates yet, so it was a hilarious way to announce it to the house! 10/10 am going to send him one again. He’s working on growing it so that “our family will eat like kings forever.”

Potato Pal
Ann K.
Funniest Gift

Very funny gift and perfect for someone who has everything. Customer service was great, I messed something up and they helped me fix it immediately. Thank you!!!!

Potato Parcel
Jeffrey P.
Love it!

Great surprise for someone! It’s a great unexpected way to let someone know you’re thinking of them!

Fun Gift!

Got this for my employee who loves potatoes and giving back. This was a simple and unique way to not only show appreciation but also bring a smile to their face.

Shipping was speedy.

Great unique gift!

I sent this to my best Spud for her birthday this year. We did a facetime unpacking because I had to see her reaction. She loved the candy, but the best part was when she uncovered the potato and paused a moment and said "Wait- why does that look like my face?... *moved around packaging, slowly lifting it out if the box with a puzzled look*...on a potato?" Fun gift, and I love that there was a potato donated as well.


Tremendous gift that always brings a smile to the parcel recipient. And we got a surprisingly large yield after replanting our last potato .

Such a FUN Surprise to Send

My recipient LOVED this! It was so unique and fun! And the lettering on the potato was awesome! It looked GREAT! Thank you!


I'm always looking to send something unique to my friends out-of-state and this did NOT disappoint! This won on all fronts. I'll definitely use this again!


got exactly what i ordered & it came within 2 days of the ship date when i expected it to come within 7 days. very nice!

Potato Pal
Lyndsy M.
So great!

My friend LOVES potatoes so this was naturally the best gift idea ever! It came so fast and looks great!


Sent this as a Father’s Day gift to my dad and I am not sure if he enjoyed it but I thought it was the best thing ever! My face on a potato, brings me joy!
Do it!!!

Best Gift EVER!!!

I bought a gift box with candy. Sent the potato only with a birthday message because I didn't have the time to find a pic but it was still such a fun and unique gift!!! shipping was spot on and the updates/correspondence with the company was wonderful! The recipient thought it was amazing and hysterically fun! She said it was her favorite birthday gift of all:). Will definitely purchase again!

So perfect

Perfect gift to send someone if you’re hoping to make them smile, laugh and brighten their day- and hey, it lasts longer than sending some flowers!
Was also super impressed with the quality of the photo I added on the potato and the writing added. The picture came out very clear and the writing had no trouble adapting to the groves and cracks in the potato. I was a little worried that the return address on the package might give it away but they thought of that! The post office got a kick outta the return address company name being “Best gift ever”.
I will be sending more potatoes in the future for sure!

Potato Pal
Kerrigan C.

Definitely do it! This was the best purchase ever. The picture looks perfect on the potato was shipped in a timely manner.

Potato Pal
Tammie A.
HAHAHA Funniest Gift Ever

This was a very funny gift...left my husband speechless! The only negative was the picture was smaller than I expected. The words were huge but the photo was small in comparison to the size of the potato. This is my only reason for 4 stars. Overall the gift for the person who has it all!

Girlfriend loved it

Surprised my girlfriend with a potato and she loved it!

Greatest gift ever!

It’s definitely not your typical gift idea. But let me tell you the laughs it brought were priceless. My niece has been going through a rough time and this brought so many laughs and an opportunity to show her we think of her and love. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED. The packaging is great as well.

Awesome response from recpient

Sent this as a Bday gift to my buddy for his 45th and he loved it! He called me laughing histarically. Love this!

Surprise Gift Box
Amber W.

super fun!

Father's Day Potato Bundle
Mitchell W.
Mandingo Father’s Day Potato

Wow wow wow. What a reaction to a gag gift. We filmed our buddy opening the box and receiving the potato for Father’s Day. Truly a memory we will keep forever! The image of Mandingo was perfectly placed and the writing on the potato was flawless. 100% great gift

Best gift ever!

I got this for my husband for Father’s Day and he isn’t big on gifts, but he absolutely loved it and thought it was hilarious!

Sweet surprise

Who doesn’t love a lil CANDY!

How can I top this next year!?!

I love to send weird gifts to my bro & sister-in-law, but this one took the cake! I put a goofy picture of my grown daughter (their “favorite” relative) & it was a real hit. Now, what can I do next year? Help!

Love this

I love this it’s fun and dorky this puts a smile on anyone’s face