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Potato Pal

$ 14.99

Send your face, a friends face, or the face of a celebrity on a potato to anyone you know!

NOTE: Upload a picture of a single person and we will use that face on the picture. If you include a picture of more than one person, then we won't know which face to put on the potato!

If you want more than one person on the potato, please order the Potato Postcard

For best results, upload a high quality image. Please order 1 potato at a time if purchasing multiple potatoes that are going to different shipping addresses. 

Your (the purchaser's) shipping address will not show up on the package. If you would like to let the recipient know that it was you who sent the package, please leave your name in the message. Messages can be anonymous or not in this manner.


1. Upload your image file (Required). Custom message is optional. 130 character limit.

2. Add to cart

3. Provide THE RECIPIENT'S shipping address and YOUR email address on the checkout page and complete your purchase

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