Potato Pup

Way more fun than greeting cards or flowers
100% laughter or confusion guaranteed
With every potato you order, a potato is donated to those in need
Great for birthdays, holidays, love notes, or just to make someone smile

Upload your Dog's face on a potato and send it to anyone you know!

Not sure what to say on your potato? Check out our hilarious Message Ideas page for inspiration! 

Orders arrive in as quick as 2-3 days! 

Upload a picture of a single dog and we will use that face on the picture. If you include a picture of more than one dog, then we won't know which face to put on the potato! The photo upload preview is just for you to get an idea of how the image will look. Do not worry about the sizing/spacing or centering. We will automatically adjust it for you.

For best results, upload a high quality image (smart phone images are okay!). 

Your (the purchaser's) shipping address will not show up on the package. If you would like to let the recipient know that it was you who sent the package, please leave your name in the message. Messages can be anonymous or not in this manner.


1. Upload your image file (Required). Custom message is optional. 130 character limit.

2. Add to cart

3. Provide THE RECIPIENT'S shipping address and YOUR email address on the checkout page and complete your purchase

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Victoria R.
Funeral gift

I gave this potato pup to my friend and her family who recently lost they grandma. It provided a much needed laugh

Hilarious and clever gift

My husband had a great reaction to opening a potato with our dog’s face on it. The way they cropped his little face was perfect. Even without the gift box, the standard mailer was discreet and didn’t give away the surprise at all. Sure, it’s definitely pricey for what it is but it brought laughs and some great photos. The Potato is already lasting longer than I expected. Great gift for someone with a good sense of humor who is hard to shop for.

Samantha K.
The Best Gift Ever! For real!!!

I have now given several potato parcels as gifts and everyone lucky enough to be the recipient has been surprised and thrilled! Nothing is better than a gift that causes giggles!

Colleen F.

Purchased the ‘pup potato’ for a friend who calls her pup a potato. For obvious reasons, she loved it!

Richard N.

My wife was thrilled and amaized. Great gift. She will be sharing with her girlfriends tomorrow. 😀😀