Potato Squishy Toy

Don't be mad...SQUEEZE the potato! Fits perfectly in your hand and pairs well with a real spud!

WARNING: This item is not pet safe. Keep away from pets and children. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Steve S.I.
It's A Forever Tater

The person also enjoyed getting the squishy toy because unlike the potato, it won't need to be planted or rot. A reminder of the surprise package they got.

Kami V.M.
Love it

Dog loved it, and still does

Olga R.
Chewy toy

My dog loved this chewy potato

Carol J.
Covid19 relief...

As you are sitting at home, at your make do work station, feeling just a little stressed out - this potato comes in handy as the perfect squishy stress reliever! Fits in your hand perfectly for a great squish or two...

a b.
dis gud

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