Valentine's Day Potato Bundle

Way more fun than greeting cards or flowers
100% laughter or confusion guaranteed
With every potato you order, a potato is donated to those in need
Great for birthdays, holidays, love notes, or just to make someone smile

A sweet gift for the sweetheart in your life! Flowers are so 2020! A sure way to make this Valentine's day a memorable one! 

WARNING: This product is guaranteed to make the recipient love you A LOT :)

This bundle includes:

  • 1 Potato with your image and/or message
  • 1 Sweet Tooth Candy Pack
  • 1 Surprise Gift Box
  • 1 Vday Basket 3D card by Lovepop
  • Red shredded paper filling

Not sure what to say on your potato? Check out our hilarious Message Ideas page for inspiration! 

Orders arrive in as quick as 2-3 days! 

Your (the purchaser's) shipping address will not show up on the package. If you would like to let the recipient know that it was you who sent the package, please leave your name in the message. Messages can be anonymous or not in this manner. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Savanna Y.
Great gift!

This is such a great gift! I bought it for my best friend who I have an inside joke about potatoes with and it was PERFECT! The packaging was so discrete and she had no idea what it was! I would definitely recommend and would purchase again! Fast shipping too!

Kim C.
Great funny idea

They loved the gift!! It was so unique they were laughing

Chantelle M.
Valentine's Day Gift

Although this parcel hasn't yet been opened by my S/O, customer service was amazing and super helpful. Additionally, it arrived A LOT sooner than I expected it to. 10/10 would order again!

Pamela S.
So cute!

It was the best random weird gift 😂 I honestly thought the Valentine's day bundle came with candy, since it's a bundle, but I had to add everything on extra and I didn't know to order the candy 😏 but all in all I was very happy

Fantastic Gift

I think this is what the internet was invented for. What a random and funny thing to send to someone. I was very pleased