1 Special Celebrations

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday like Christmas, all of these events have something in common: they’re all about creating special memories. And there’s nothing more memorable than giving someone a potato with their face on it. In fact, you’ll probably be the center of attention which always feels fantastic!

Special Celebrations
Personal Congratulations

2 Personal Congratulations

An accomplishment feels like making a positive step forward into the future. When someone you know accomplishes something important, it means the world to them when we show our support by congratulating them. It’s also the perfect opportunity for good karma that could pay off later. Common examples of Personal Congratulations are: Graduations, New Jobs or Promotions, New Borns, or Retirement.

3 Gag-Gift Laughter

Gag-gifts are the perfect way to poke fun at someone… harmlessly, of course. And there’s nothing more harmless than a potato… as long as it has a picture of someone’s face with a funny message.

Gag-Gift Laughter
Expressing Love

4 Expressing Love

Want to get noticed by your crush, spice things up with your partner, or express your undying love to your spouse? We’ve found that sending someone a potato is a very effective way to add some romance to your love life. After all, laughter is the best aphrodisiac. Also, you probably look better than a potato, so it could boost your looks a bit in comparison.

5 Cheer Someone Up

In life, there are highs and lows. While it’s important to be there for others during both, it’s especially important to make people smile when they’re feeling down. Scientifically, when people smile, their mood is boosted and they release endorphins that provide all sorts of health benefits. Don’t believe us? Just Google “how healthy is smiling?”

Cheer Someone Up

Our Gifts Speak For Themselves!

Janet Price
Janet Price

Best Gift Ever! Perfect and everything i could have hoped for. My
friend said it was the best gift she's ever
received. We laughed about it longer than what is
probably normal. If you're considering
this for someone, do it!

Shannon R.
Janet Price

So hilarious This was the best gift! Definitely
made people laugh and smile
during a stressful week

Angela R.
Janet Price

Loved it! Arrived on time and as expected. My niece
absolutely loves potatoes and she was tickled
pink about this!

Janet Price

Spud-tacular The most original and hilarious way to
acknowledge my sister’s last chemo
treatment! She absolutely loved it!