Potato Parcel

Way more fun than greeting cards or flowers
100% laughter or confusion guaranteed
With every potato you order, a potato is donated to those in need
Great for birthdays, holidays, love notes, or just to make someone smile

Send a custom potato message to anyone in the U.S.! Write up to 130 characters.

Not sure what to say on your potato? Check out our hilarious Message Ideas page for inspiration! 

Orders arrive in as quick as 2-3 days! 

Your (the purchaser's) shipping address will not show up on the package. If you would like to let the recipient know that it was you who sent the package, please leave your name in the message. Messages can be anonymous or not in this manner. 


1. Type your custom message in the message box (Required)

2. Add to cart

3. Provide THE RECIPIENT'S shipping address and YOUR email address on the checkout page and complete your purchase


Customer Reviews

Based on 1905 reviews
Avi D.
Best gift ever

I got this for my mom for her birthday. I’ve never seen her laugh so much. I think I’ve just created a new family tradition. Best $30 I’ve ever spent.

Alyssa W.
We loves it, Precious.

I bought my potato for my husband for Valentine’s Day. We’re both Tolkien fans and if read “I love you more than Gollum hates taters, Precious” and it was a hit 😂

Jacqueline F.
Great gift!

My mom had been feeling down, and I thought she could use a good laugh....and boy did she get a good laugh! She called me about 15 min after opening it, because it took that long for her and my sister to stop laughing hysterically about it.....and proceeded to laugh through our entire call. Worth every penny

Chris R.

I figured I was getting a potato because a family member showed me the one he got but I didn’t know what mine was going to say.

Katy B.
Perfect, Surprise Gift!

My friend was having some health issues, which made picking something to send difficult, and this gift was perfect as it did not trigger any health issues and made my friend smile! Quick and easy to order and looked great!