20 Shark Tank Products Under $25 That Make Cool Christmas Gifts

October 30, 2020 6 min read

Have you been watching Shark Tank since its release or just started seeing the reality TV show recently? Regardless of what category you fall under, did you know that Shark Tank products make cool Christmas gifts?

The fact that the Sharks (aka investors, business experts, and self-made millionaires and billionaires) gave in to the aspiring entrepreneurs’ pitches means that there’s something special about their products.

So if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list and tired of sending boring, lazy gifts, this list of Shark Tank gifts is all you need.

Hint: All the products are available on Amazon. Let’s get started!

First Heard about Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is an American reality series that gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to succeed in business.

Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and products to a group of sharks, and if one or more sharks find the business concept appealing, they will invest, sign a deal, and partner up with the entrepreneur.

Conversely, if none of the sharks bite, or if the entrepreneur is not enticed by any of the shark’s deals, then the entrepreneur would walk away empty-handed.

Sounds interesting? Watch this multi-Emmy® Award-winning entrepreneurial-themed show here.

Coolest Shark Tank Products to Give This Christmas

1. A Glass That Inserts into Your Wine Bottle

It’s unusual for a person to finish a bottle of wine in one sitting, alone. But if you know someone who does it impeccably, why not send him/her this Guzzle Buddy as a gift? This glass inserts directly into the wine bottle, and fits most bottles!

Wine Glass, Clear Wine Glass

Get the Guzzle Buddy here!

2. A Selfie Stick To Catch Dog’s Attention

Got a friend who’s totally inseparable with his furry buddy? She’ll surely appreciate getting this dog selfie stick as a Christmas gift. With Pooch Selfie, she can easily captivate her dog’s attention and play fetch after a fun picture-taking.

Woman having selfie with a dog, pooch selfie, green and yellow tennis ball

Get the Pooch Selfie: Cell Phone Dog Selfie Stick here!

3. A Sandwich Container That Keeps Sub Fresh and Dry

This sub sandwich container never disappoints as a practical holiday present. It offers the perfect food tripping solution to everyone who wants their subs always fresh and dry.

Submarine sandwich container, sub sandwich, bread container

Get the SubSafe Sandwich Container here!

4.  A Balance Board That Makes Exercising More Fun

The SimplyFit board is one of the biggest Shark Tank products that have a great appeal for your fitness buff pals. This workout balance board impressed the ‘sharks’ in 2015 and is still making waves in the market.

Man and woman working out, balance board, orange dumbbell,

Get the SimplyFit Balance Board here!

5. An In-Car Sauce Holder For Ketchup & Dipping Sauce

Fries and ketchup go together. But sometimes, people forget about the sauce whenever they’re in the driving seat. Thanks to Saucemoto, everyone can now say goodbye to ketchup-less fries while hitting the road!

Potato dipped on ketchup, sauce holder, dip clip

Get the Saucemoto Dip Clip here!

6. A Stool That Makes It Easier to Eliminate Waste

Are you often late at work because your brother takes a lot of time to poop? You’ll never run late again if you gift him this bathroom toilet stool. The Squatty Potty isn’t only Shark Tank-approved but is also clinically proven to reduce strain.

Lady sitting on a toilet, squat stool

Get the Squatty Potty:The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool here!

7. Scrub Daddy Sponge for Scratch and Smell-free Cleaning

The Scrub Daddy sponge is the only cleaning aid that you need, especially if you don’t like your dishes getting scratches. This sponge is also tested to adapt to water temperature, making it one of the most successful Shark Tank products to date.

Smiley face sponge, colorful sponge

Get the Scrub Daddy Scratch-free Sponge here!

8. A Handy Tool That Relieves Sore Back Simply

Been looking for a practical Christmas gift for your hardworking dad who often complains about his sore back? Look no further! This Q-flex acupressure back and body massage tool can provide him with the pressure exactly where he needs it.

Blue body massage tool

Get the Q-Flex Acupressure Back & Body Massage Tool here!

9. Wax That Stops Specs & Sunnies from Slipping

There’s nothing more annoying than eyeglasses that keep on slipping down the nose. Thank goodness for this Nerdwax, a lip balm-like wax that creates a layer of friction between your glasses and skin.

lip balm-like wax, nerd wax, wax for sunnies and specs

Get the Nerdwax Original Glasses Wax here!

10. Car Seat Gap Filler That Prevents Road Accidents

Does it annoy you a lot when things fall through the gaps of your seats? Here’s a solution to your not-so-big problem: Drop Stop. As its name suggests, this accessory literally stops things from dropping into the car seat’s gap. This one’s a good buy because it can prevent road accidents!

Car seat gap filler

Get the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler here!

11. Men’s Grooming Cape For Shaping & Trimming Beard

Sick of seeing facial hair sprinkled around your bathroom sink and floor? Come on, stop fighting with your husband over this little thing. Gift him this beard bib instead! This hair catcher cape can be attached to the mirror, preventing mess and allowing for easy hair disposal.

Man trimming beard, bathroom sink, faucet, black cape, mirror

Get the BEARD KING Beard Catcher here!

12. A Portable Gadget for Quick, Safe Car Seat Unbuckling

Most child car seat buckles require 9 lbs. of force to release. While it ensures young children don’t unbuckle themselves, it makes it hard for parents to get their children in and out of a car. With UnbuckleMe, adults will no longer experience discomfort while unbuckling!

Red car seat buckle release tool

Get the UnbuckleMe Car Sear Buckle Release Tool here!

13. An Inflatable Lantern That’s Powered by The Sun

We’ll cut to the chase. The LuminAID solar inflatable lantern was named as one of Shark Tank’s Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) companies. It has different brightness settings and can last up to 24 hours when the battery is fully charged.

Solar powered lantern, portable lantern

Get the Luminaid Solar Inflatable Lantern here!

14. Last Drop Spatula to Use In the Kitchen & for Personal Care

Can’t think of a holiday gift for your super thrifty peer? This spatula from Spatty might be something you’re looking for. As seen on Shark Tank, this tool can help users get the last drop from the bottom of any bottle—be it condiments, make-up, shampoo, and so on.

short spatula, long spatula, kitchen spatula

Get the Spatty Last Drop Spatula here!

15. Cleaning Wipes That Change the Bathroom Game

You’ve probably seen a lot of bathroom signs saying not to flush tissues, wipes, and other sanitary products. But guess what? Dude Products designed flushable wipes! These wipes are made from plant-based fibers, making them eco-friendly.

flushable wipes, cleaning wipes, wet wipes, organic wipes, eco-friendly wipes

Get the Dude Products Flushable Wipes here!

16. Wipes for Removing Grease, Oil, Lubricants, Grime

We’ve got another cleaning wipes entry in this list, but this one’s specifically designed for removing grease, oil, lubricants, grime, and dirt from the skin. The Grease Monkey wipes debuted on Shark Tank and are definitely a must-have for long bicycle rides.

degreaser wipes, monkey, heavy duty cleaning wipes

Get the Grease Monkey Degreaser Wipes here!

17. A Cooking Splatter Guard Made from Durable Silicone

This cooking splatter guard is the best Christmas gift you can give to those folks in your life who fear oil splatter the most. Available in black and red, this product assures them a splatter-free cooking experience like no other.

red splatter guard, kitchen, oven top, fry pan, food on plate

Get the Frywall Splatter Guard here!

18. Magnetic Eyeglass Holders That Keep Specs from Losing

Some people wear specs only when reading, and then hang them on their shirts once done. The thing is, hung glasses are prone to dropping, scratching, or misplacing. Thankfully, Readerest came to offer a solution. This magnetic eyeglass holder ensures readers never lose their eyepiece.

old man and woman, woman holding a phone, grey haired man, man holding a mug, man holding an eyeglass

Get the Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holders here!

19. Charcoal Deodorant for Those Living the Organic Life

Here’s another green product that’s seen on Shark Tank: PiperWai, natural activated charcoal deodorant. This eco-aware deo is a great gift idea for your chic friends who use natural products for their skin.

charcoal activated deodorant, organic deodorant

Get the Natural Activated Charcoal Deodorant here!

20. Caps That Protect Heels from Uneven & Rough Surfaces

For some women, wearing towering stilettos can result in horror stories—heel got stuck in a grate, sink into the grass, and more. With the Solemates heel protectors, women can feel more empowered rather than afraid of drowning themselves from embarrassment.

heel protectors, high heel stoppers

Get the Solemates Heel Protectors here!

One More Gift Idea: Potato Parcel Products

customized potato, personalized potato, potato with photo, upload photo on a potato

This might sound ridiculous, but potatoes can also be sent as gifts for Christmas and other occasions.

Come to think of it. It’s rare to see a customized potato. That’s why gifting it adds humor (and brings a little confusion) to everyone who receives it.

If you want to give a gift with a brimful of surprise, Potato Parcel will never let you down! Check out our fun selection of Shark Tank-approved products here.


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