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7 Fun and Hilarious Gag Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend This Christmas

November 03, 2020 4 min read

Do you find it frustrating to find a Christmas gift for your boyfriend? Worry not! As always, we got you covered!

We listed down seven incredible gifts to get your beau for the upcoming holiday season. And when we say gift ideas, we don’t mean typical gifts BUT fun gag gifts that your boyfriend would love.

1. Big Back Scratcher

“A little to the right. No, not there. Move a little more. Ooh, you got it.” Sound familiar? We’re sure you imagine your mate saying those words when he asks you to scratch his back.

Talking about back-scratching, we’ve found a gift idea that does scratching pretty well: the Redneck back scratcher. This tool has triple the number of fingers compared to regular backscratchers.

That means your boyfriend can have his back scratched, without even asking for your help or disturbing you from doing your stuff. What a heaven-sent solution, isn’t it?

Man scratching his back, big back scratcher, man wearing red suspenders and black pants

Get the Big Back Scratcher here!

2. Toilet Time Golf Game

Sick of your boyfriend spending an ungodly amount of time in the bathroom? Or does his excuse of browsing through his phone while pooping annoys you a lot more?

If you relate to the latter, then this toilet time golf game makes the best Christmas gift for him. He may spend all the time he wants to play potty golf, and you can stay relaxed as he leaves his phone beside you.

Win-win situation, right? He gets entertained while pooping, and you’ll feel more at ease, knowing he’s not cheating on the phone. (laughs)

man wearing orange shirt, man playing golf, toilet golf game

Get the Toilet Time Golf Game here!

3. Urinal Shot Glasses

Are you in for a fun Christmas gift exchange with your boyfriend? These urinal shot glasses might be the humor gift that you’re looking for!

It’s a little awkward to drink from the glass since it resembles a urinal. And that’s the whole point—giving your partner a holiday gag gift that’s nothing but hilarious!

urinal, urinal shot glasses

Get the Urinal Shot Glasses here!

4. Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer

Is your beau a budding chef (or a home cook) and an avid Marvel fan as well? We’ve got great news for you!

With this Thor Mjolnir meat tenderizer, he can do his thing in the kitchen and feel like a real Marvel hero. Just like Thor’s hammer, not anyone can use his meat tenderizer. Only those who are worthy, and who share the same passion for cooking can lift it.

thor hammer, meat tenderizer, thor mjolnir, thor meat tenderizer

Get the Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer here!

5. Desktop Basketball Game

There are types of men who can marry the basketball court for their passion for the game. Oops. Did you just think your boyfriend?

If that’s the case, then there’s no better gift you can give him this Christmas than basketball-related gifts. A fair warning though: gifting a ball, socks, and a pair of shoes is such a cliché.

Give him a desktop basketball game that can he display on his office desk instead! Gag gifts like this not only let him do what he loves but also uplift his mood when he’s tired at work.

desktop basketball game, basketball, laptop, mini basketball game

Get the Desktop Basketball Game here!

6. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

A man who has great wit and character never fails to amaze women. That’s why we wouldn’t be surprised if the man you’re with now displays brilliance all over him.

To make him feel even more loved on Christmas Day, we suggest you give him a gift that resembles his personality. A perfect example is this magnetic paper clip holder that looks like Einstein when steel paper clips stick together on its head.

Imagine the genius Einstein making a silly face. Isn’t so like your adorable beau?

albert einstein, paper clip holder, magnetic paper clip holder

Get the Magnetic Paper Clip Holder here!

7. Do Not Disturb Socks

Got a gamer partner? On Christmas, why not send him these novelty socks that say “Don’t disturb, I’m gaming.”

This gift idea gives mixed signals that will make your boyfriend confused. First, he might think that you’re finally supporting his interest in gaming. Second, he might get the idea that he’s always busy playing games that he barely gets a chance to chat with you.

Whichever hunch he had, he’ll surely wear them proudly because the statement says it all!

black socks, gaming socks, do not disturb socks

Get the Do Not Disturb Socks here!

How About a Potato Postcard?                                

While the above gift ideas are indeed hilarious, there are no better Christmas gag gifts than a customized potato!

We’re 100% sure that your boyfriend would never expect receiving a potato from you. So, gifting a potato with a photo and a short season’s greeting could be the best—or should we say the most unexpected holiday present ever.

Want to learn more about this unique gift idea? Click here, and you’ll be surprised by what our customers are saying!


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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