7 Best Gifts You Can Give To Your Girlfriend on Thanksgiving

November 03, 2020 3 min read

Thankful for your amazing girlfriend? Come on! You don’t have to wait till Valentine’s Day to spoil her with the best gifts. Thanksgiving is almost here, and you can use the holiday as an excuse to buy her something special.

Below are some Thanksgiving gifts that will make your dearest partner fall in love with you more. Here’s a hint: the bonus gift idea we’ve featured is 100% hilarious!

Let’s begin!

1. Bath Bombs

This box of bath bombs is the perfect gift for your girlfriend who fancies a relaxing bath after a long, busy day.

Each bath bomb is uniquely handcrafted and formulated with different fragrances. That means she gets a unique bathing experience in every bath bomb she drops.

colorful bath bombs, bath bombs in a box, set of 12 bath bombs

Get the Bath Bombs here!

2. 3D Moon Lamp

“I’ll catch the moon for you.” Ever said that to the love of your life? Don’t worry, we understand that love can make you say crazy things.

Since catching the moon isn’t possible, why not gift her a replica of the moon? This 3D moon lamp not only resembles the moon but also gives out a nice glow like moonlight.

For sure, your girlfriend will giggle like a baby when you get her this moon-like night lamp on Thanksgiving Day!

moonlight, moon lamp, 3D moon lamp, moon light, hand holding a moon, desk lamp, desk plant

Get the 3D Moon Lamp here!

3. Enchanted Galaxy Rose

A lot of girls wanted to have the enchanted rose that appeared in The Beauty and the Beast film. Well, we can’t blame them… the rose is truly enchanting as if it exists for real.

Guess what? You can fulfill your girlfriend’s wish to become a Disney princess when you give her this enchanted galaxy rose.

Just like in the movie, this enchanted rose is kept in transparent glass and shines brightly. It’s one of the cheesiest Thanksgiving gifts as it represents a love that never fades.

beauty and the beast enchanting rose, galaxy rose, enchanting rose, beauty and the beast

Get the Enchanted Rose here!

4. I Love You Throw Blanket

Got a girlfriend who easily gets the chills and is always cold? Finding her the best present isn’t that a big problem.

Whether she hides under the blanket because of anxiety or just covers herself with a warm blanket during the winter, this I Love You throw blanket makes a nice gift.

She’ll also like the fact that the blanket is filled with sweet messages. See, this blanket isn’t only functional but sentimental as well!

I love you blanket, red blanket, sofa, flower vase, living room

Get the I Love You Throw Blanket here!

5. Ponytail Beanie Hat

Can’t give your girl a beanie hat because she doesn’t want to keep her hair inside the headwear? We’ve found a perfect hat for her: a ponytail beanie hat.

With this hat, she’ll no longer worry about sacrificing style to feel warm in winter. This beanie allows her to pull off a messy bun or a high ponytail on chilly days.

So, if the weather gets cold on Thanksgiving, this knitted beany will her chic throughout the day.

beanie hat for girls, blue beanie hat, ponytail, ponytail beanie hat

Get the Ponytail Beanie Hat here!

6. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Most women nowadays go crazy about infusing their water with fruits. We can’t blame them because fruit-infused water may help them lose weight.

Suddenly thought of your partner? Here’s a perfect Thanksgiving gift for her: a fruit infuser water bottle.

This drinkware lets her infuse her water with whatever fruit she likes. Thanks to this, she can now forget about those low-calorie drinks that claim to help reduce fat.

fruit infuser water bottle, tumbler with fruits, clear tumbler, fresh fruits

Get the Fruit Infuser Water Bottle here!

7. Menstrual Heating Pad

Feel sorry for your girl every time her menstruation comes near? Instead of satisfying her cravings (like you always do), give her this menstrual heating pad.

With this device, your boo can relieve all the cramps that she’s feeling. Not only that, but it also comes with 3 heat levels and 3 vibration massage modes, allowing her to find the frequency that best works for her.

If you don’t find it a nice Thanksgiving gift, then wait until your girlfriend uses it. You’ll thank yourself later for getting her something to ease her period cramps.

menstrual cramps, heating pad, menstrual heating pad

Get the Menstrual Heating Pad here!

Bonus Gift Idea: Potato Pal Couples Bundle

kanye west, kim kardashian, couple potato, candy pack                                        

Been spoiling your girlfriend with practical gifts ever since you dated? On Thanksgiving, why not give her something unusual, unexpected, and uncanny?

This Potato Pal couple’s bundle includes 2 potatoes with your uploaded images, a 24K gold surprise gift box, and a sweet tooth candy pack. Imagine your girl opening the box and laughing for 10 minutes straight.

So satisfying, isn’t it? Check out this funniest gift ever here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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