7 Unique & Creative Holiday Gifts for Newlywed Couples

November 11, 2020 3 min read

Newlyweds are hard to buy holiday gifts. Aside from the fact that they received tons of wedding presents, they also saved up for their choice of home appliances, interiors, and essentials.

So if you’re stressed out in finding a Christmas gift for your newlywed friends, we did the work for you!

We’ve rounded up seven unique and out-of-the-box gift ideas that every married couple would appreciate.

1. DIY Hand Casting Kit

The first few weeks of marriage are ahhh-mazing! Couples enjoy the sweet time of cocooning to build a strong foundation as a family.

This couple casting kit is a great gift for newly married couples looking for activities that’ll solidify their union. It captures all the fine lines, even the tiniest details—from the wedding rings to fingernails, and more.

couple holding hands, hand casting kit,

Get this one-of-a-kind treasured keepsake here!

2. Cup/Wine Glass Rack

Does your friend love wine as much as she loves coffee? If yes, then there’s no better holiday gift you can give than a cup and wine glass rack.

Chances are, your friend’s husband isn’t familiar about with fact yet. So, consider the gift as a reminder of how his wife tells the time. This rack also comes in fancy packaging, which makes the unboxing more fun.

how my wife tells time, wall decoration, wine glass rack, cup rack, white cups, wine glass

Get this functional wall decoration here!

3. Silly Recipe Book

Newlyweds aren’t always like honey and bees. Sometimes, they’re also like cats and dogs who fight over silly things like what to eat or cook for dinner.

We’re pretty sure that most married couples have been there. Guess what? This recipe book might keep them from cussing over a simple problem. It features 50 meal ideas and a side of salty language for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

what the f*ck should i make for dinner, silly recipe book

Get this silly recipe book here!

4. Cat Coffee Mug Set

“Mornings have never been better than this.” That’s probably what newlyweds think the moment they open their eyes in the morning.

If your newlywed friends may tend to be as cheesy as this, then these kissing cat couple mugs are the best holiday gifts for them. It’s a plus that the cats in the mugs look so cute and lovey-dovey as if they’re lovers too!

kissing cats mug, pink mug, blue mug, mugs for couples

Get the adorable coffee mug set here!

5. Can Cooler Set

Are you friends with the newlyweds? Since you can’t always have drinks with them whenever you want, gift them something that’ll remind them of you when they share a round of drinks.

This can cooler set not only looks adorable but also serves its purpose. It keeps beverages cold in warm conditions and protects hands from being uncomfortably cold.

Not only that, your best friends can even take the coolers on trips so their drinks are always kept chilled.

can coolers, beer coolers, mr. right, mrs. always right,

Get this his and her can cooler set here!

6. Couple Card Game

Couples who just entered into a marriage don’t know each other 100%. To make their getting-to-know-each-other more exciting, send card games—not Uno cards though.

The Deeper Connections card game gives couples 200 meaningful conversation starters that’ll help them spark important discussions, build a bond, and increase intimacy.

Take note. People who already bought this card game said that it’s indeed a nice-buy!

card games for couples, couple card games, deeper connections card game

Get the fun conversation cards for couples here!

7. His & Her Pizza Shirt

Still on the hunt for creative yet practical holiday gifts that your newly married friends would love? How about matching, couple T-shirts?

This set of missing piece pizza and slice shirts can give them the feels that they’re a match made in heaven. Not to mention that the shirt is made from 100% cotton and so comfy to wear.

his and her shirt, his and her black shirt, pizza shirt, pizza on shirt, missing pizza slice

Get these matching couple shirts here!

You Can Never Go Wrong with Potatoes!               

potato couples bundle, customized potatoes for couples

Have you tried sending customized potatoes as a gift? If not, then it’s time to jump on the bandwagon!

On Christmas Day, surprise every newlywed couple you know with a Potato Couples Bundle.

This hilarious gift package includes 2 potatoes with your uploaded images, a 24K gold surprise gift box, and a sweet tooth candy pack.

Now, isn’t that a better way to send your season’s greetings? Learn more about this out-of-the-box gift idea here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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