7 Thoughtful Corporate Gifts To Give Your Employees This Christmas

November 23, 2020 4 min read

Did you know that 9 in 10 workers want a gift from their employer to make them feel valued and appreciated? Chances are, your team is also wishing to get corporate gifts on Christmas.

Everyone must be excited to receive a little something from you—be it a voucher, gourmet goodies, gift baskets, and the list goes on. And since the festive season is just a few nights away, you should start your holiday gift hunt ASAP.

Don’t have enough time to search for the best gifts possible? Relax, we got your back! We’ve gathered some of the coolest Christmas presents that you can give to your dearest employees.

All products on this list cost $25 (and below) aren’t the typical employee appreciation gifts.

Let’s begin!

 1. Netflix Gift Card

There are 61 million Netflix subscribers in the U.S.—and your employees could be part of this figure.

Netflix is a popular digital platform among adult viewers. When people are stuck at home, most of them just binge-watch on their favorite series.


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Since almost everyone is into Netflix nowadays, why not consider giving out Netflix gift cards at Christmas? This card is definitely the perfect gift for TV or movie watchers, not to mention that you won’t need to wrap it.

Netflix holiday card, Netflix gift card

Check out the Netflix Gift Card here!

2. Pop-Open Cards

Are you the type of person who likes sending away meaningful corporate gifts? If yes, then this box of pop-open cards suits you.

Although the box looks tiny, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to spoiling recipients with positivity. Each pop-open card features an inspiring quotation that will brighten up their day.

Plus, the back of the cards includes a space where you can write your personal thanks or simple season’s greetings to your hardworking team. Take note. Nothing beats a handwritten letter to show someone you care about.

pop open cards, colorful box, be happy

Check out the Pop-Open Cards here!

3. Foot Rest Cushion

So you’ve decided to get your employees something a little pricey yet practical. That’s great. Playing Santa Claus at Christmas can give you a nice feeling, swear!

Talking about useful items, this footrest cushion comes in handy. It can keep your staff in good posture while sitting on their office desks for hours. It also helps to reduce the pressure on their legs, allowing for good blood circulation.

One more thing. The arc of this ergonomic footrest can also be used to shake the leg joints, and maintain the most relaxed muscles. This product’s multiple uses are worth the price.

yellow socks, foot resting, footrest cushion

Check out the Foot Rest Cushion here!

4. Keyboard Cleaning Gel

Got over 50 employees to gift this Christmas? No worries! Corporate gifts don’t always have to expensive. You can also opt for something affordable but useful, such as this keyboard cleaning gel.

As its name suggests, this item can remove dirt and any residue on your staffs’ keyboards. Unlike a cleaner brush, this gel is more fun to use. It’s like kneading a slime and letting it do the cleaning works.

Not only that, but it can also clean the car’s vent, dashboard, and cup holders easily. There’s so much goodness in this product, right?

Check out the Keyboard Cleaning Gel here!

5. Affirmation Cards

No global crisis can stop people from celebrating Christmas. However, some of your employees may not be as cheerful as they were before because of the pandemic.

This holiday, make sure you cheer them up and make them feel loved by giving them thoughtful and cute gifts like these affirmation cards.

With these 50 cleverly designed cards, your lonesome team members can get back on their tracks and feel the good vibes again.

affirmation cards, unicorn, compliment cards, affirmators

Check out these Affirmation Cards here!

6. Decision Maker Desk Accessory

Do your employees procrastinate habitually? How about getting them procrastination gifts to make the holiday gift-giving more fun?

If you’re up on this idea, then we recommend gifting this decision maker desk accessory. It not only helps recipients decide whether to work on the task today or let it wait tomorrow, but also keeps their loose paper documents in place.

The best part about this desk item is that it tells them that you acknowledge their procrastination habits, sometimes. (laughs)

desk accessory, paperweight, decision maker

Check out this Cute Desk Accessory here!

7. Funny Motivational Stress Balls

Stress balls are among those no-brainer corporate gifts you can give. They’re popular items for office environments, considering the stress that workers deal with every single day.

Such squishy balls offer a wealth of benefits; it releases tension, strengthens the muscles of the hand, and lowers blood pressure, among others.

This set of four stress balls comes with motivational quotes. The one with the message “Facepalm and Carry on” is our favorite!

stress toys, colorful stress balls, keep calm stress ball

Check out the Motivational Stress Balls here!

One More Gift Idea: Potato Christmas Bundle!   

We’re not done yet! Have you heard about sending customized potatoes as gifts? Now that you do, it’s high time for you to up the holiday gift-giving game with our Potato Christmas Bundle.

For a price of $24.99, you can make recipients smile and even donate a potato to those in need. Who knows, this gift package might be the best gift ever that your employees will receive on Christmas.

Click here to learn more about what’s included in this product. We’ve also listed there some hilarious message ideas you can write on your potato gift.

Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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