7 Awesome Novelty Gifts That Aren’t Just Funny But Useful Too

November 26, 2020 3 min read

Most people turn to novelty gifts whenever they ran out of gift ideas. Do you know why? Because unusual presents never fail to provide lots of laughter!

But if you think quirky, gag gifts (or whatever you call them) only guarantee a good laugh, then you’re mistaken.

There are a few novelty gift ideas that not only make recipients ROFL but also help them accomplish certain things. This list is proof!

1. LightSaber Chopsticks

Is your friend an ultimate Stars Wars fan? Come on! No need to fuss about finding a birthday or holiday present for your best bud. Star Wars fans are so easy to gift.

You may gift him the iconic Skywalker lightsaber, but mind you… it may break your pocket. So, why not get him these lightsaber chopsticks instead?

These chopsticks may look a lot smaller than the actual weapon, but they sure don’t disappoint. Your pal can unleash his inner Jedi while holding these light-up sticks.

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Check out the LightSaber Chopsticks here!

2. Sponge Bed Holder

We all have that one person in our lives who replaces her kitchen sponge every week or two weeks. While a pack of sponges makes a good gift idea, it isn’t that appealing at all.

How about giving a holder for her sponge? We’re not talking about the stainless or plastic ones, but a sponge holder that mimics the look of a bed.

The sponge would no longer sit at the bottom of the sink, and even Ratatouille would even love to rest on it!

sponge, kitchen sponge, sponge holder, sponge bed

Check out the Sponge Bed Holder here!

3. Nose Pencil Sharpeners

Can’t find budget-friendly novelty gifts that people will actually use? Stop the madness! Have you forgotten about sharpeners?

Pencil sharpeners choose no gender, age, occupation, and so on. Everyone uses them to shape their pencil points.

But since this is a list of hilarious gag gifts, we suggest you pick unique sharpening tools like this funny nose sharpener. Did we mention that sharpening a pencil in one of the nostrils is so amusing?

nose sharpener, pencil sharpener, 4 nose

Check out the Nose Pencil Sharpeners here!

4. Platypus Tea Infuser Strainer

Some people prefer loose leaf tea over tea bags—and we’re pretty sure your grandma is one of them.

Since Christmas is almost here, why don’t you give her a loose leaf tea infuser strainer? Yes, such a product exists and even comes in quirky designs, including a platypus.

This platypus tea strainer is so easy to use, not to mention that it’s also adorable. When dipped in water, it looks like the platypus is asking for help or saving itself from drowning. So cute!

pink platypus, gray platypus, tea strainer, loose leaf tea strainer

Check out the Platypus Tea Strainer here!

5. Golf Ball Storage Bag

A golf ball storage bag is a no-brainer gift for golf enthusiasts. So if you got a sporty dad or golf fanatic bf, we recommend gifting this item.

However, don’t you think conventional storage bags look dull as gifts? Make the gift-giving a little dirty (or should we say more fun) with this golf bag accessory.

There’s no need for explaining. With its look, you know why this functional item is sure to get a laugh.

golf ball, golf ball storage bag, green field

Check out this Golf Ball Storage Bag here!

6. Knitted Brain Beanie Hat

Forget about the thought that novelty gifts aren’t useful. Not all quirky gifts lose their appeal or purpose over time, including this knitted brain beanie hat.

Beanies are among the many practical gifts because of various reasons—they’re wearable, weather-proof, and stylish. So whoever receives this knitted brain hat gets these benefits all-in-one!

pink beanie hat, brain beanie hat, hat, winter hat, pink beanie

Check out this Knitted Brain Beanie here!

7. Finger-Shaped Flash Drive

A chopped off finger is a prank that never gets old. If you’re thinking about pulling a prank on your friend’s birthday, we suggest giving this prank a slight twist.

Instead of gifting your pal a fake chopped off finger, give him/her this thumb flash drive. The latter idea makes more sense since it wouldn’t make your gift lose its value after a couple of days, weeks, or months.

thumb, finger, thumb drive, flash drive

Check out the Thumb Flash Drive here!

The Most Unexpected Gift to Give!                         

The best gifts are gifts that make people laugh. What about the gifts that offer value and laughter at the same time? They’re the best-est—the best of the best!

Speaking of hilarious gifts, a customized potato is the silliest gift you can ever give. It works as a fun alternative to greeting cards since you can have a photo uploaded on it or write a message on it. 

Here’s more: for every potato you order, a potato is donated to those in need. Isn’t that fantastic?

Check out our complete selection of potato products here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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