7 Crazy Gifts You Could Send In The Mail For Any Occasion

November 30, 2020 3 min read

Do you like sending gifts through the mail? Perfect! You’re sure to love this article because we’ve put together a list of crazy gifts that you can wrap, pack, and send in the mail.

Let’s begin!

1. Backward Clock

A clock that rotates counterclockwise indeed looks absurd. How could it even tell the right time? Believe it or not… it’s possible, but it’ll take someone a lot of time.

If you have been wanting to give your best bud a unique gag gift, then this backward clock is the best gift choice.

Here’s a fair warning though: expect to receive a call from your confused friend. “Hey! I think the clock you gave me is broken.” “Hey! Why does the clock run in reverse? How could I even read the time?”

wall clock, backward clock, reversed clock

Check out this Backward Clock here!

2. Reusable Pee Funnel

There’s nothing crazier than this reusable pee funnel. Who would have thought that women can pee the way men do? 

So when you run out of crazy gifts to send via mail, never forget this reusable pee funnel. This compact urinal is perfect for long road trips, camping, and hiking tours.

Those people in your life who always ask for a pit stop to look for a restroom will thank you for gifting this unusual yet practical gift item.

pee funnel, urinal, portable urinal, women's pee funnel, woman peeing while standing, toilet, black pouch, purple pee funnel

Check out the Reusable Pee Funnel here!

3. Car Lashes

We all have that one friend who won’t go outside without fake lashes. Well, we’ve found a posh gift idea that she’ll definitely love: car lashes. 

Ladies (including your bestie) who love to make their cars look as good as them would thank the creator of this car accessory.

This product even has rave reviews from how amazing it looks to how it brings a smile to every onlooker, and more!

car lashes, white car, eyelash, eyelash for headlights

Check out these Car Lashes here!

4. Flamingo Beer Bong

Beers bring parties to life. But did you know that you can make beer drinking and parties more fun? Cue in: flamingo beer bong!

This beer bong gives party beer funnels a lovely twist, but of course, the same function. It facilitates rapid consumption of beer, without users seeing how much they have to finish!

Got beer lover friends? Come on! Make sure to send this gift through the mail, and they’ll organize a party immediately!

pink flamingo, beer bong, flamingo beer bong, beer party

Check out the Flamingo Beer Bong here!

5. 2020 Toilet Paper Christmas Ornament

2020 has been a tough year. Remember how the coronavirus created a toilet paper shortage in the U.S.?

Time will come that we’re all going to laugh at it. “What toilet paper crisis?” “What kind of person will cause a ruckus over a toilet paper?”

If you know someone who can totally relate to this, then send him/her the 2020 toilet paper Christmas ornament.  For sure, that person will laugh hard upon seeing this crazy gift of yours.

2020, 2020 toilet paper, toilet paper ornament, Christmas ornament, Christmas tree

Check out the 2020 Toilet Paper Ornament here!

6. World’s Largest Coffee Cup

Coffee mugs are one of the most popular gifts because of their versatility. If you’re thinking about sending a mug to your distant friends, we’ve got something unique… 

We’re talking about this gigantic coffee mug! This cup is seriously huge, so big that it can serve 10 or more cups of coffee.

With its enormous size, your gift recipients can also use it for other purposes—planters, tea holder, pen organizer, and more.

lady holding a coffee mug, largest coffee mug, lady wearing white polo

Check out this Gigantic CoffeeMug here!

7. Foot Hammock

The Covid-19 pandemic has made remote work the new normal. Some people enjoy the idea, while others still can’t get a hold of it. 

Suddenly thought of your work-from-home pals? Why not send them this foot hammock in the mail? This product will help them relax their feet comfortably while working.

Leg pain, foot pain, or restless leg syndrome? With a foot hammock on their desks, your hard-working besties would forget how those pain feel like.

foot rest, foot hammock, orange foot hammock, lady sitting on a chair, lady resting her feet, white chair, black dress

Check out the Foot Hammock here!

Mail a Potato!                                                             

Mailing and sending gifts are more exciting these days because you can send crazy gifts you never thought you could.

Did you know that you can also mail a potato as a gift? You can customize a potato, upload it with a photo or write a message on it.

If you’re into this idea, then Potato Parcel would happily assist you. We have a fun selection of potatoes and things that you can send in the mail from a potato postcard to potato pal, potato pal couples bundle, and more.

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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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