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6 Thoughtful & Practical Gifts for Potato Lovers

March 11, 2021 3 min read

Are you looking for the best practical gifts for all the potato lovers that you know? Look no further! We put together a list of potato-themed gift ideas that not only look awesome but also offer practical uses.

Ready to leave your friends, family, loved ones, or any of your gift recipients in awe? If so, let’s get started!

1. Potato Scrub Cleaner

Potatoes are a classic kitchen staple. They can make several dishes, not to mention that folks can eat them on their own.

Potatoes, being root crops, need a good rinse under running water before cooking them. And, this is where the Joie Spud Dude scrub cleaner comes in handy!

Scrubbing away dirt, pesticides, and contaminants from potatoes has never been easier and faster with this cheerful potato scrub brush.

potato, potato scrub brush, potato head, potato cleaner

2. Potato Salt & Pepper

We found another kitchen utensil that will look good on your potato addict pal, mom, or sister—it’s a potato salt and pepper set.

As the name suggests, this novelty salt and pepper shaker set take the look of a potato. The only difference is that it has a ceramic and glossy finish.

salt and pepper shakers, salt and pepper set, potato salt and pepper set, two potatoes

3. Potato Ricer/Masher

Got a BFF who finds comfort in mashed potatoes? If that’s the case, then this potato ricer or masher should be on your gift list.

Made from 100% stainless steel, this potato mashing equipment is one of the most practical gifts that potato lovers would love to receive.

potato ricer, potato masher, mashed potato, hands, stainless steel potato ricer, grated potato, potatoes, kitchen

4. Burlap Bag

If you know someone who loves potatoes that much to the point that he/she grows the root crop in his/her backyard, burlap bags are the perfect gift to give.

This burlap bag is biodegradable and eco-friendly because it's naturally-grown from jute plants. It also has a 50-pound weight capacity, which is ideal for long-term storage.

burlap bags, three burlap bags, burlap sacks

5. PugTato Pillow Cover

Do you like sending out practical and adorable potato gifts? Then, this PugTato pillow cover might be something that you need.

This pillowcase combines the cuteness of a pug and a potato. It’s perfect for everyone who likes anything potato and goes insane over cute little pugs.

pugtato pink throw pillowcase, potato throw pillow cover, potato mustache, pugtato, pink throw pillowcase

6. Plant Grower Bags

So, your mom started growing potatoes to use in your daily meals. Guess what? You can show that you support her newfound hobby by gifting her some plant grower bags.

These nonwoven fabric pots are BPA-free and made from eco-friendly materials. They come with durable handles to support a full bag of soil and allow roots to breathe, translating to a healthier, more vigorous growth.

plant grower bags, 5 plat grower bags, black pots

A Customized Potato Never Ceases to Amaze!      

Practical items are indeed the best gifts. So, what more if a gift not only offers value but gives a good laugh as well? Gifts like this are the best of them all!

At Potato Parcel, we make every gift recipient and gift sender smile by adding a personalized touch to potatoes. Here’s what’s more interesting: for every potato ordered, a potato is donated to those in need.

Check out our complete selection of potato products here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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