6 Best Gifts for Gamers: Latest Tech Gift Ideas in 2021

March 07, 2021 3 min read

Finding the best gifts for gamers can be painstaking. Most would assume that, as a gamer, the best gift for them would be video games. That's not the case at all. As a gamer myself, I would be stoked to receive gifts about video games but not generally. I mean, I like playing video games but not every title. So when thinking of the best gifts for gamers, the best one would be related to personal favorites, the kind of video game they play, and the gaming platform.

With this in mind, we listed down 6 of the best gifts for gamers that you can purchase on the market. In this list, we based our selection of gifts on our own experiences as a gamer and the opinion of fellow gamers here in the office.

1. Gift Cards

6 Best Gifts for Gamers: Latest Tech Gift Ideas in 2021

Of course, if there's a gift that we would consider playing it safe, that would be gift cards. Don't get me wrong here, gamers would love to receive gift cards for the games or platform they are playing. It can be either for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Epic Games, Origin, UPlay, etc. Just be sure to know first what platform they play on before deciding to purchase a gift card. If you gifted an Xbox gift card to someone who plays on PC or PlayStation, they might get disheartened.

2. Action Figure


6 Best Gifts for Gamers: Latest Tech Gift Ideas in 2021


One of best, probably, gifts that you can give to a certified gamer is an action figurine of a character from a game title they love. For example, a figurine of Mario from Super Mario games. As for me, I would be stoked if someone would give me an action figurine of Geralt from the The Witcher game titles. It might just be a figurine but the time we spent and emotion we have invested on these video game titles would be priceless for us. That's why having a good reminder of the fun times we spent playing our favorite titles is what strongly encompasses action figurines.

3. Gaming Accessories

best gifts for gamers tech gadget cheap affordable accessories

As a gamer, the next best thing that we would greatly appreciate to have are gaming accessories. Accessories that we can use to further elevate our gaming experiences. For example, a gamepad controller, a wireless headset, and more.

4. Gaming Merchandise

video game accessoreis best gift for gamers shirt

Other than toys or accessories, any gamer would also love to receive gaming merchandise as a gift. Most especially if they are related to popular games or to our favorite games. Merchandise such as shirts, jackets, lanyards, icon lamps are just a few to name. There are more and tons of available options out there. So it is best to make sure to know their favorite games before making a purchase decision.

5. Gamer Supplements

Gamer supplements best gifts for gamers

When we start our own gaming session, we invest a lot of time and energy playing video games. After a couple hours of playing, we are bound to succumb to hunger and that lack of energy prevents us from going on. As a gamer, we tend to ignore the nutrients that our body needs and we settle for foods that we can eat fast so we can go back to our gaming session. Because of this, most gamers end up lacking the proper nutrients that the body needs to keep healthy. That's why supplements that are designed and made for gamers would be another great gift to consider. You can easily find such supplements on Amazon by doing a quick search of "Gamer Supplements."

6. Mini Fridge for Gamers

 gamer mini fridge best gift for gamers

Last but not least, we have a mini-fridge for gamers. When we play video games, we intake a lot of liquid to replenish our body and mind. That's you will mostly find gamers with an energy drink, juice, soda, or water beside them whenever they start playing. Gamers get thirsty a lot from intense concentration and having some cold to quench our thirst nearby would definitely be awesome to have. It doesn't have to be expensive, there are cheap and affordable mini-fridge out there that won't even cost you more than US$50.

We hope that we have helped you in your journey in finding the best gift for gamers. If you haven't yet decided what to get, we highly recommend to know what that person prefers. Otherwise, do let us know by contacting us and we'd be sure to include a couple more and update our list.

Daniel Moises Magulado
Daniel Moises Magulado

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