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Thank You Gifts that Work for Almost Everyone & Any Occasion

February 24, 2021 3 min read

Sending thank you gifts to all the important people in your life can give you a dose of feel-good hormones. No matter what the occasion is, it’s nice to let your family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone close to you know that they’re appreciated.

In this article, we listed thoughtful gift ideas that will extend your message of thanks and put a smile on your gift recipient’s face.

1. Wishing Globe

They say handwritten letters will neither go out of style nor get old. A handwritten note takes some effort and time, making it a lot special and sincere than any other gift.

If there’s someone in your life whose existence makes you happy and comfortable, this wishing globe is the best way to express your thanks to him or her. Write short messages of thanks on paper and put them inside the globe.

Here’s the best part: tell that person to read a note or two every time he or she feels down. How lovely, isn’t it?

wishing globe, globe, thank you notes, glass globe, paper

2. “Thyme” Cube Planter

Is your home pantry filled with herbs and spices? We found an awesome gift idea: the “Thank you for your thyme planter.” 

What makes this wooden cube planter an interesting buy is that it also looks cute and sounds cheesy. It’s a perfect gift for your mom or partner who spends time in the kitchen to make good food and lends an ear whenever you’re going through a rough patch.

thyme, wooden cube planter, herbs, desk planter, thank you for your thyme

3. Thank You Keychain

Not all thank you gifts work for all genders and occasions—except for key chains. If you’re planning to show your gratitude to a bunch of people—be them officemates, employees, and friends, you can never go wrong with key rings.

Choose key chains with engraved ones like this, so they’ll always be reminded that their hard work and loyalty are well appreciated.

keychain, keyring, thank you keychain, heart, silver keychain

4. Wine Bottle Label Stickers

Can’t seem to think of a nice gift for your dearest friends or clients-turned-family? Come on! Have you forgotten that a bottle of wine is a brilliant gift idea?

Once you got the perfect wine, why not put on some wine bottle label stickers? These stickers give your wine gift a personal touch, making them perfect for any event or occasion.

wine, wine label bottle stickers, wine bottle, stickers, mustache, wine glass, thank you

5. “You’re Freaking Awesome” Journal

Are you looking for fun thank you gifts that are thoughtful at the same time? Look no further with this statement notebook.

The journal says “You’re freaking awesome. Keep that shit up!” It has a sleek, matte-finished cover that gives off a professional look. 

statement journal, you're freaking awesome, black journal, black notebook

6. Starbucks Thank You Gift Box

Do your dad, mom, brother, sister, boyfriend, BFF, boss, and other people you know love drinking coffee? If that’s the case, then the game for finding the best thank you gift is over!

Grab this beautifully adorned gift box that contains Starbucks coffee, cookies, and mugs. The package even comes with a greeting card, meaning you can write down your message of thanks and whatsoever.

Starbucks, pink mug, blue mug, coffee, cookies, gift box, Starbucks coffee

Customized Potato for the Win!                              

Take a further step with your thank you gifts. Go for something bizarre, funny, and quirky, like a customized potato.

Sure, the above gift ideas can show your gratitude to whomever you feel grateful for. The thing is, they lack one crucial factor: humor.

Not everyone expects to get a potato as a gift. That reason alone puts an element of surprise and makes the gifting experience beyond memorable.

So the next time you think about thanking someone, consider sending a customized potato. Potato Parcel will allow you to enter a custom message and/or upload your photo to a real potato and send it to whomever you want! The most unexpected way to say Thank You!


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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