5 Funny Gag Gifts for People Celebrating Their Birthdays

February 16, 2021 3 min read

Birthdays should be fun and memorable, so don’t you dare ghost a family member or a friend on his/her birthday. Instead, plan a hilarious surprise visit or look for funny gag gifts that will double or triple the laughing game.

In this blog, we gather a few birthday presents that will surely make the celebrants or even guests ROFL. Let’s begin!

Let’s get started!

1. Mullet Headband

Popularized in the 1980s, mullet made a comeback in 2020 and is becoming a more popular hairstyle trend this 2021.

If your dad is celebrating his birthday soon, why don’t you ask him to take a trip down memory lane? We’re sure this mullet headband will make him reminisce his prime years and younger-looking days!

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2. Nice Underwear” Doormat

Got a friend who likes to pull pranks? On her birthday, be ready for revenge and get her something that will her feel uneasy and cry over happiness.

Consider this "nice underwear” doormat your revenge weapon. Either ask your BFF's mom to place it on her bedside while she’s sleeping or sneak into her room at night. For sure, she'll wake up with a big grin on her face once she sees it.

silly doormat, nice underwear, doormat, brown doormat

3. Half-Pint Glass

Your little brother’s birthday is coming up! Have you already thought of a gift to give? If not yet, you might want to give this half pint glass a try.

Funny gag gifts such as this will never fail to bring out good laughs. Just the look of it is truly witty. Whoever took the half-pint glass literally is a genius.

beer, beer glass, half-pint beer glass

4. Bubble Wrap Calendar

When it’s time for children to leave the house either because of marriage, studies, work, or simply seeking independence, mothers tend to miss their grown up kids the most.

If this sounds like your mom, we found the perfect birthday gift for her: a bubble wrap calendar. This plastic calendar serves two purposes—entertain your mom and remind her of the date.

Just make sure to warn your mom not to pop the bubbles irresponsibly. (Wink!)

bubble wrap, calendar, days of the month, months of the year, month, numbers, bubble wrap calendar

5. Sequin Pillow

Is your beau an avid fan of Nicolas Cage? Come on. Who’s not? He’s a renowned actor, and it would be a great privilege to meet him up close.

To make your other half extra happy on his birthday, bring Nicolas Cage to him. We’re not talking about the Nicolas Cage himself, but a sequin pillow with the actor’s image.

This black sequin pillow brings out the surprise when he runs his fingers across the sequin. Don’t be jealous, though, when you see him sleeping right next to it. (laughs)

nicolas cage, sequin pillow, black sequin, black sequin pillow, magic pillow

How About a Potato Postcard?                         

While the above birthday gift ideas are 100% hilarious, none of them can beat a customized potato in terms of uniqueness and quirkiness. This is why potatoes don’t just make a hearty meal but also suffice as funny gag gifts.

This Potato Postcard, for example, gives a new twist to birthday greetings. You can upload any image of your choice and a message on the potato. Yup, gifting has never been this fun and unique.

Click here to learn more about this customer favorite and find out what previous buyers thought about it!

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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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