Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with These Party Favors, Costumes & Gifts

February 16, 2021 3 min read

Every year on March 17, over 50 countries worldwide, including the United States, turn emerald to commemorate the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint, St Patrick.

If you happen to be among those Americans who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with good food and drinks, this article is exactly what you need. We listed down a few funky party favors and gifts that you should include in your event checklist.

Why Does America Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Because of the Great Hunger or Potato Famine in Ireland from 1845 to 1852, thousands of Irish families dispersed in many other places across the globe. Irish citizens decided to rebuild their lives elsewhere, and the majority of them came to the USA.

Over 33 million Americans identify as ethnically Irish, either partially or entirely, placing it as the second-most common ancestry in the United States after German.

Here’s another trivia. Did you know that some of the grandest St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations in the world happen in U.S. cities? These cities include New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, CO., San Diego, CA., and more.

6 Funky Party Favors & Gifts to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

1. Potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day, Why not?                 

Since the potato blight took a vital role in the celebration of St. Pat’s Day, it makes sense to honor the Irish day with potatoes.

Plus, leprechauns are known for their devious pranks!

Send customized potatoes to your friends, family, or loved ones to let them know you’re thinking about them on St. Patricks Day with our St. Patrick's Day Potato Bundle. We give you the option to send the package anonymously—or perhaps from "the leprechauns"—as a prank... or send it with wishes of good fortune from yours truly!

St. Patricks Day Potato Bundle

Get the St. Patrick's Day Potato Bundle here!

2. St. Pat’s Day Bingo Game

Just because St. Paddy’s Day parades got canceled again for 2021 due to COVID-19 doesn’t mean the fun is over. Invite over a few of your closest friends and gather for an epic house party.

To pump up your small get-together more, prepare some board games or a bingo game! If you find the latter more exciting, make sure to get these bingo cards days before your planned event.

bingo, bingo game cards, St. Patrick's Day

3. Costume Party Glasses

Your kids are probably a little gloomy because St. Patrick’s Day parade is halted for the second straight year. Guess what? Why don’t you bring the green march insider your home?

Ask them to play dress up games and provide them with these costume party glasses. And, whoever dressed up the cutest will receive a surprise gift.

Irish, green party glasses, shamrock, hat

4. Irish Leprechaun Beard Face Mask

Leprechauns are a popular piece of Irish folklore. These tiny old men are traditionally known as “tiny tricksters” of the fairy family.

On March 17, why don’t you dress up as an Irish Leprechaun? Wear this Leprechaun-designed beard mask and tell everyone that you’ll grant their wishes in one condition. Sounds fun, isn't it?

Leprechaun, beard, green mask, greed beard, St. Patrick's Day, costume

5. Shamrock Beer Bottle Covers

Are you anticipating a long conversation with your best buds on St. Paddy’s Day? If so, prepare some cold Irish-inspired beers on that day.

And, if you’re in the mood for some more fun dress-ups, dress your beer bottles with St. Pat’s Day–themed sleeves. These beer bottle sleeves not only make your party table colorful but also keep your beverage cold for long.

beer bottles, beers, beer bottle sleeves, beer bottle covers, St. Patrick's Day

6. Green Striped Knee Socks

In Irish folklore, it’s believed that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, which like to pinch anyone they can see.

Not only that, but donning something green on St. Patrick’s Day also brings good luck and fortune.

Whichever you believe about the above traditions, these shamrock striped knee socks come in handy. Either wear a pair on St. Pat’s day or send it as a gift—your choice actually. (wink)

green socks, striped socks, St. Patrick's Day, shamrock socks, knee-high socks


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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