The Weirdest Christmas Gifts You Can Give to Your Weirdo Female BFFs

December 08, 2020 4 min read

The greatest friendships are those that stay over the years, even though two people are a weird match. This holiday season, don’t forget to thank your weirdo BFFs by sending them weird Christmas gifts that suit their personalities.

If you find it hard to get them something that totally matches their weirdness, then this list is a great place to start.

We’ve cherry-picked seven bizarre gifts that you can give to your dearest besties on Christmas Day. Let’s get started! 

1. Grow a Boyfriend

In every social circle, there’s always someone who hasn’t had a boyfriend but wants to have one.

What’s weird is that she complains about being single but is very picky when it comes to guys. Guess what? You can grant her wish to have a boyfriend on Christmas through this “grow a boyfriend” novelty toy.

Your friend can literally grow his perfect mate by just dropping it in the water. However, make sure you tell your friend not to expect her fake boyfriend to speak because that’s a different thing. (laughs)

grow your boyfriend

Check out this Grow a Boyfriend here! 

2. Edible Bugs

Do you have a friend who has a fetish for exotic dishes and recipes? Lucky you! It’s rare to have a female friend with a peculiar taste.

Let her know you acknowledge her weird choice by sending her equally weird Christmas gifts, such as these edible bugs.

This original worm snack is BBQ flavored and will surely give a new meaning to “tastes like chicken.”

larvets, worm snack, exotic snack, exotic food, worm, edible bugs

Check out the Edible Bugs here!

3. Rubber Chicken Purse

Got a friend who’s into chickens, roosters, and everything that’s country related? Don’t waste your time searching for gifts because this rubber chicken purse is the answer!

No need for more explaining. This bag iseggsactly what you need to make your BFF happy this holiday season.

Just one thing. Remind your friend that the chicken purse isn’t pretty when it’s hungry. So, she better make sure to keep the bag packed and full. Wink!

rubber chicken purse, chicken bag, chicken

Check out the Rubber Chicken Purse here!

4. Grass Slippers

Always find it weird when your friend walks barefoot on the grass? Don’t scold her though for doing that becausewalking barefoot on grass has health benefits.

It’s called “earthing.” Walking on any natural surface may improve heart health, support immune function, and regulate the nervous system, to name a few benefits.

So the next time you see her walking in nature, either join her or let her be. You may also consider gifting her these grass slippers so she’ll feel closer to nature all the time.

grass slippers, slippers, grass slides

Check out the Grass Slippers here!

5. Elf Headphones

Of course, we also have a gift suggestion for your cosplayer friends (if you have any). For some people, cosplay is childish and weird. But for cosplayers, it’s a way of expressing themselves.

Show your super creative best bud that you support whatever she fancies. Give her a holiday present that somehow depicts a cosplay effect!

These ear-shaped headphones will make your friend look like an adorable elf or fairy while enjoying music or making a call.

elf earbuds, cosplay, earbuds for cosplay, elf ears

Check out the Elf Headphones here!

6. Cat Licking Brush

Do you hate it when your BFF kiss her cat and then kiss you afterward? To be honest, we like pets too the way your friend does. So don’t hate her for that.

BUT, we get that you don’t want your bestie toget sick from kissing her cat. If she really can’t resist giving her feline friend some smooches, then gift her this cat licking brush.

Thanks to this LICKI brush, your pal can safely kiss her kitty while grooming her at the same.

lick brush, cat brush, pink brush for cat, grooming kit for cat

Check out this CatLicking Brush here!

7. Pimple Popping Toy

Popping or squeezing a pimple is indeed tempting. However, you, your friend, or anyone shouldn’t make it a hobby.

Do consider popping a pimple when it has a soft white head—never when it’s blind or cystic. We understand that having face bumps is stressing, but leaving marks on your face is worse.

Instead of squeezing your zits, why not turn your attention to this spot popper toy? You can also get one for your friend who loves popping pimples too! 

pimple popper, pimple popping toy

Check out the Pimple Popping Toy here!

How About a Customized Potato?

Do you know the weirdest Christmas gift to get your friend? A customized potato! For sure, it never crossed your mind to upload a photo or write a message on this root crop.

At Potato Parcel, we customize potatoes to spread laughter and unexpected fun on any occasion. You can choose from a Potato Pup to Potato Kitty, Potato Pal, Potato Postcard, Potato Gift Bundle, and more.

Learn more about our unique and wacky product selectionhere


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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