7 Unique & Adorable Christmas Gifts for the Dog Lovers In Your Life

December 08, 2020 3 min read

Christmas is in the air! Are you done buying holiday presents for everyone on your list? If you haven’t bought one for your dog lover friends, we’ve got a list of Christmas gifts that they’ll surely love.

1. Pet Dust Boots

Dogs are like toddlers; they do what they want, including roaming around the house barefoot or with dirty feet.

Since it’s hard to stop dogs from playing at times, why not let them sweep the floor while running non-stop?

That’s been made possible, thanks to Pet Sweep. This prank gift comes with 4 dust boots that fit most paw sizes.

dog boots, pet sweet, dog mop, golden retriever, dust boots

Check out the Pet Dust Boots here!

2. Dog Feeding Reminder

Some dog parents forget whether they have fed their furry companion. Oftentimes, they’ll also ask their partners or anyone in the house if someone else has done it.

To ensure your best bud is always aware of his canine friend’s meals, send him the Original “Did You Feed the Dog?”

By just pushing the button, your friend or everyone in the family will get reminded that “Hey! The dog has already eaten!” 

did you feed the dog, am, pm, days of the week

Check out this Dog Feeding Reminder here! 

3. Dog-Themed Bedroom Night Light

Does your bestie own almost every dog essential for her pet? If that’s the case, then give her something that she can use instead.

This paw-designed night light is one of those adorable holiday presents that will brighten up her day (and night, of course).

It’s made from wood, so it’s 100% safe from mischievous and high spirited toddlers, or even dogs!

night lamp, paw lamp, paw, bedside lamp

Check out this Paw Night Lamp here! 

4. Dinosaur Dog Costume

If you have a friend who fancies dressing her furry bud in cute costumes, we’ve got good news. That type of friend is so easy to shop for!

Christmas gifts like this dinosaur dog costume will be well appreciated. Seeing her canine companion in a lovely costume is enough to melt her heart, indeed.

triceratops, dinosaur costume, dinosaur costume for dog, triceratops dog costume

Check out the Dinosaur Dog Costume here!

5. Paw-shaped Drink Coasters

It’s normal for people to have different interests. For example, the dog lovers in your life may like collecting drink coasters too.

Did you just relate to that? Great! Then, why not send those dog lovers you know paw-shaped drink coasters?

This set of sixpawstatic coasters is sure to protect the recipients’ tables from ring stains and other drink-related marks.

drink coasters, paw coasters, coasters

Check out the Paw-shaped Drink Coasters here!

6. Flip Over Dog Mood Cards

Dogs can be transparent like humans; it’s obvious when they’re scared, angry, happy, lonely, and hungry.

Guess what? We found a unique Christmas gift that compiles different expressions of dogs, and it’s called Moody cards!

These flip over mood cards make a terrific office gift. Imagine. The owner gets to tell everyone how she/he feels by just flipping the right mood card. That’spawesome!  

flip-over cards, dog moods, moody cards, dog mood cards

Check out the Flip-Over Mood Cards here!

7. No-Spill Silicone Feeding Mat

Of course, we will not forget to include a bowl pet feeder in this list. Most dogs make a mess of their food, and most dog owners complain about their pet’s sloppy eating habits.

This Christmas, give your friend a helping hand. Gift him this stainless steel pet bowl, which doesn’t skid and slide all over the place. Plus, it also has a large base that catches any spills.

That’s not just it. This feeding mat comes with two bowls—one for food or treats and another one for water. 

silicone mat, non-slip feeding mat for dogs

Check out this No-Spill Silicone Feeding Mat here!

Another Cute Gift Idea: A Potato Pup

potato, puppy, potato pup

Always a fan of Christmas gifts with a unique twist?Purfect! Then, you’d probably love the idea of sending out customized potatoes to the dogs in your life.

At Potato Parcel, we can do just like that! We’ll help you give the cutest holiday present for your dog lover friends. Just send us a photo of their adorable dogs or puppies, and we’ll imprint them on the potato. Learn how to get the Potato Puphere


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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