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7 Funny Secret Santa Gifts Your Coworkers Will Never Forget

December 12, 2020 3 min read

Are you the type of coworker who gives funny secret Santa gifts in your company’s yearly gift exchange? If yes, then we got some good news for you!

We’ve cherry-picked seven of the most hilarious Christmas gifts that will give your recipients a one-of-a-kind gifting experience.

Let’s begin!

1. Tiny Hands

A lot of people say that there are many things you can tell about a man by looking at the size of his hands. Come on. Quit playing innocent. We know that you get what we mean! (wink)

And for sure, your male coworkers wouldn’t want to be labeled with small hands—well, because tiny hands can tell a sad story.

Do you want to pull off a funny gag about men’s hands on your Secret Santa Gift Exchange? DR DINGUS Tiny Hands might be something that you need.

tiny hands, checked polo, suspender, red pants, eyeglasses, man raising hands, bearded man, black bow tie

Get the Tiny Hands here!

2. Dancing, Farting Santa

We all have one image of Santa in mind—a fat, white-bearded man wearing a red coat with a white fur collar and cuffs. 

No one has probably imagined a naughty Santa who farts as he pleases. For that reason, this dancing, farting Santa is one of the most hilarious Secret Santa gifts to give.

This plush toy won’t admit to fart and says, “Was that you, Rudolph?!”; “I think that was Blitzen!”; “Do you hear what I hear?” It’s indeed humorous!

farting santa, santa plush toy, grinning santa, santa stuffed toy

Get this Farting Santa here!

3. Beard Beanie

Thinking of a funny unisex holiday gift that’s sure to give a good laugh? If yes, why not consider this beanie hat with a fake beard. 

Those who dream of having a beard or curious about how they look when they have one will find this headwear the best gift ever!

Not only that, but the beard beanie also comes in handy when it’s freaking cold outside. So cool, isn’t it?

beard beanie, beanie hat, knitted beard, man wearing black beanie,

Get this Beard Beanie here!

4. Go Away Doormat

Most homeowners put “Welcome” doormats at their front doors to make their guests feel welcome. 

However, some people just dislike uninvited visitors or unannounced visits. Well, guess what? There’s a perfect doormat design for them.

This “Go Away” doormat might get the message across and give people a hint that they’re not welcome.

go away doormat, brown doormat, welcome doormat

Get this Go Away Doormat here!

5. Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

Do you know why reindeer are a classic symbol of Christmas? It’s because they’re a family-oriented totem that symbolizes creativity, journeying, wandering, and safe travels. 

We bet there are reindeer decorations in your office right now, but no one ever thought of giving a reindeer-inspired secret Santa gift.

Tadaaaa! We present to you a bag of Reindeer farts, or should we say a packet of peppermint cotton candy.

reindeer farts, cotton candy, peppermint cotton candy

Get the Bag of Reindeer Farts here!

6. Lightsaber Umbrella

Looking for secret Santa gifts that are funny and functional at the same time? Look no further with this lightsaber umbrella. 

This intergalactic umbrella comes with 7 color-changing illuminations. Its shaft displays different colors, making users the center of attention on a rainy night.

lightsaber, lightsaber umbrella, star wars, black umbrella

Get this Lightsaber Umbrella here!

7. Dog Lion Mane

For a secret Santa who’s absolutely crazy about dogs but wants to mock their parents, this dog lion mane is the gift to give.

This lion costume is cute beyond words, and the majority of the customers who purchased the product find it hilarious.

lion mane, brown dog, sitting dog, dog wearing lion mane, dog lion mane

Get this Dog Lion Mane here! 

The Funniest of Them All: Potato Pal                      

potato pal, potato

If you really want to see your secret Santa gift recipient roll on the floor laughing, give him/her a Potato Pal! 

You have two options. Have your photo uploaded on the potato to reveal yourself uniquely or write a message on it like “From Your Secret Santa” to keep your identity a secret!

Learn more about this hilarious and well-received gag gift here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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