Funny Birthday Gifts That’ll Cheer Your Friend Up During the Pandemic

October 27, 2020 4 min read

Birthdays are kind of a big deal for some people. But because of the global pandemic, many birthday parties were celebrated virtually or in isolation.

So if you have friends celebrating their birthdays, make them feel you don’t forget their special day. The coronavirus outbreak might be taking an emotional toll on them, and it’s your duty as a friend to cheer them up.

Check out these funny birthday gifts that will instantly lift the mood of your most cherished pals!

1. Coronavirus Ice Cube Mold Tray

The pandemic has brought a lot of stress and anxiety. What makes it even worse is that people should maintain a distance to stop the spread of the virus.

While the intention of social distancing is good, prolonged isolation may trigger mental health problems. And we’re sure that you don’t want to make your best buds feel lonely and isolated, especially on their birthdays.

How about sending them this coronavirus-inspired ice cube mold tray to cheer them up? This novelty gift is the perfect remedy for these stressful times.

The ice cubes coming out from this tray look like exactly the virus we all hate. For sure, your giftee will chuckle while enjoying a nice, cold drink!

Coronavirus ice cube, wine glass, ice cube tray

Check out the Coronavirus Ice Cube Mold Tray here!

2. Adult Swear Word Coloring Book

Casual swearing is one of the perks of adulthood. Chances are, your friends are making the most out of this privilege during the pandemic.

Most of them are probably cursing the virus because it has ruined several occasions and made them celebrate their birthdays at home.

If that’s the case, then give them something they can use to reduce stress like this adult coloring book. Studies say that coloring has calming benefits—it relaxes the brain, and helps people cope with depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Find regular coloring books as boring birthday gifts? This swear word coloring book would be a great choice. The cover page alone sounds befitting for folks who can’t help but blurt out swear words.

Fuck off coronavirus, i'm coloring, coloring book, adult coloring book

Check out the Adult Swear Word Coloring Book here!

3. Mug With a Basketball Hoop

Friends don’t let friends miss basketball games—until COVID-19 came. The pandemic indeed took away those good times that people enjoy, and this for sure saddens your best bud who’s celebrating his birthday soon.

But who says you can’t cheer up your basketball buddy on his special day? Yes, you may not play man-to-man defense in one court, but you can still let him do his favorite thing, even when alone. And it’s all thanks to this slam dunk basketball mug!

Designed with a hoop, your friend can shoot cereals or marshmallows while drinking his milk or chocolate drink in the morning. The mug acts as your replacement while you two are still separated by the coronavirus. Wink!

Basketball mug, Mug with a basketball hoop, marshmallow

Check out the Slam Dunk Basketball Mug here!

4. Joey’s Magic Sequin Pillowcase

Have you been re-watching Friendson Netflix during the lockdown and suddenly thought of your fellow Friendsfan?

You two would have watched the series together on her birthday if COVID-19 didn’t happen. The outbreak indeed messed up our lives a bit, but it shouldn’t cut good friendships off—never.

Here’s a fun alternative: Why not send her this two-color changing pillowcase as a birthday present? This pillow cover reveals Joey Tribbiani’s surprise face when sequins are moved. What a beautiful sight it is!

Joey "Friends" magic sequin pillowcase, sequin pillowcase, black pillowcase

Check out the Magic Sequin Pillowcase here!

5. Social Distancing Wine Glass

Because of covid-19, a lot of people tend to sit and drink alone at home, self-medicating, and coping with their negative feelings by themselves.

Since the idea of pulling a drink alone is depressing, make your friends feel that having me time is okay and sometimes helpful. And while it’s best to enjoy drinks with peers, solitary drinking works best, especially in today’s pandemic.

Guess what? We thought of a fancy way of telling your dearest pal to reap some benefits from the frustrating social distancing measures. Why not gift him this customized wine glass that says “It’s Not Drinking Alone If You Are Social Distancing?”

This wine glass not only sends your birthday greetings uniquely but also sends your happy social distancing wishes.

Social distancing wine glass, gold and black print, small wine glass

Check out the Social Distancing Wine Glass here!

6. Funny Statement Apron

On your friend’s birthday, remind her about the silly conversations your whole squad has had over the dinner table.

Remind her about how much all of you made fun of the dish she prepared, which took her hours to prepare—but still, it doesn’t taste good.

This funny statement apron is one of the best birthday gifts that will make her shed tears while laughing.

She will miss those moments wherein you all complain about how awful her recipe tastes, and yet everyone finished everything on their plates. Now, that’s what you call true friends! (laughs)

Your Opinion Wasn't in the Recipe Apron, black apron, statement apron

Check out the Funny Statement Apron here!

 7. Animal Resin Succulent Planter Desk

Since the implementation of social distancing, a lot of people started gardening and growing plants indoors and outdoors.

Planting has become a stress-relieving activity while they’re all stuck at home. You would even see some folks growing a vegetable garden, where they get their food.

Got a friend who’s bragging about her plants on social media? If that friend of yours is celebrating her birthday soon, why not give this animal resin succulent planter desk as a gift?

This cute little piggy planter matches your pal’s adorable succulents, cacti, and other small indoor plants. Her tiny plants will never be unnoticed with this eye-catching pot!

Peeking piglet, cute animal planter, pig succulent planter desk

Check out the Succulent Planter Desk here!

Bonus Gift Idea: A Potato Birthday Bundle!

Still can’t decide what birthday gifts to send to your favorite people? You’ll probably find it even harder (or easier) to decide with our bonus gift suggestion: a potato birthday bundle.

This package includes a potato with a custom message and/or uploaded image, surprise birthday pack add-ons, and a 3D Birthday Cake pop up card by Lovepop—all wrapped in a beautiful surprise gift box.

Now, isn’t this a SPUD-tacular way to cheer your friends up on their birthdays? Learn more about this amusing gift idea here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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