Creative Christmas Present Ideas to Put Inside a Surprise Gift Box

October 21, 2020 3 min read

Christmas is drawing near. This busy season that brings so much cheer and excitement to everyone often comes along with the holiday rush. To avoid the rush takes a toll on you, plan ahead, shop in advance, and wrap gifts early.

With the influx of e-commerce stores, you won’t even need to get outside and visit brick-and-mortar stores. Shopping has become more convenient as you can browse items, add them to your cart, and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

The only challenge is finding a perfect gift that will create a fun and memorable unboxing experience. But worry not! We’re here to help find the best unusual holiday presents that perfectly fit in a surprise gift box.

Let’s begin with our top favorite gift box insert: a potato!

1. Potato in a Box

There’s nothing more unique than wishing someone a season’s greeting with a potato in a box. 

The thought alone of receiving a customized potato is weird, unusual, and funny. Come on! Who would expect to receive as such? There are plenty of gift options to give, and getting a potato would never cross most people’s minds.

Forget about potatoes being just a pantry staple. Such root vegetable crops make an epic gift as well. Potatoes are so versatile to the extent that you can personalize them in ways you can never imagine—add a face or write a message—and the result will be hilarious!

Send someone a customized potato, and you’ll surely receive feedback from your confused or pleased giftee in less than 24 hours!

Potato Bundle Gift-Potato Parcel

Check out the Potato in a Box here!

2. Bread Novelty Slippers

Tired of giving typical, boring gifts? You’re not alone. Your friends and family are probably dying to receive anything unique—and not lazy gifts such as socks, scarves, photo frames, etc.

Why not consider this bread-shaped slippers? It’s rare for slippers to be designed like freshly baked bread buns. So, gifting it to your friends or loved ones will make them proud, happy owners.

French bread slippers, bread-shaped slippers, novelty slippers, lady wearing bread slippers

Check out the Bread Novelty Slippers here!

3. Wearable Fleece Blanket

The bigger a surprise gift box, the more intriguing it is! Recipients will be in a rush opening the box only to find out it’s a fleece blanket. 

Fleece blankets are one of the most common gift ideas for Christmas. So to give recipients a little excitement, choose a wearable sleep essential over a regular one.


Wearable fleece blanket, lady wearing blue fleece blanket, lady sitting on white chair, blue fleece blanket

Check out the Wearable FleeceBlankethere!

4. Small Pets Bed

Got a friend who has small pets at home like a hamster? We found a perfect Christmas gift for her: a small bed for her little pet. This cotton nest works great at keeping pets warm and comfortable this coming winter holiday.

Just a fair warning: prepare to be bugged by your friend because she’ll ask you where you got the adorable plush pet house.

Plush pet bed small pet bed crab, small bed for hamster

Check out the Small Pets Bed here!

5. Build-on Brick Mug

Mugs are also one of the most popular gift items because they’re practical and budget-friendly. They even suit any age, gender, and even occasion.

So if you’re a bit hesitant in sending out a mug as a gift because almost everyone gives it, you better try a build-on brick mug. Kids (and kids at heart) would love to receive this as they can make random Lego creations right on the mug.


Brick-on mug, black mug, lego blocks, lego mug

Check out the Build-on Brick Mug here!

6. LED Flashlight Gloves

Admit it. It’s hard to shop for Dads who almost have everything. Finding them a useful piece is an endeavor that most children endure, especially every Christmas time.

Oops. Did we hit you right in the feels? Here’s one gift idea that will save you from the hurdle: outdoor flashlight gloves. This pair of gloves are perfect for early morning fishing and late-night car check-up or repairs.

LED flashlight glove, black gloves, outdoor fishing gloves

Check out the LED Flashlight Gloves here!

More Items for Your Surprise Gift Box! 

Found everything on the list interesting? That’s great! But if you need more gift ideas for the holidays, here are other quirky gifts that didn’t make the cut:

  • Bacon bandages— bandages that mimic everyone’s favorite breakfast item
  • Toilet mug— only people with a strong stomach could drink coffee from this mug
  • Animal butt magnets— ref magnet collectors would love to add these to their collection

Good luck with your Christmas present hunt!


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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