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5 Hilarious Thanksgiving Gifts That Will Make People ROFL

October 20, 2020 3 min read

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You’ll be gathering with your close friends or family for a fancy dinner. How did we know? Well, that’s already a given. 

Just one piece of advice. Never ever show up empty-handed. Whether it’s your mom or best bud, hosting the party, make sure to give a small token of appreciation. After all, that’s what the celebration is all about—sending gratitude.

Need help finding presents for your host? We got you covered! We’ve cherry-picked 5 hilarious gifts that will give recipients a good laugh.

1. Funny Statement Apron

Still unsure whether to show up at your Friendsgiving feast because the host is a Vegetarian? Come on. Don’t be a snob! Grace the party and try the dishes your friend prepared. Who knows, you might find his/her Vegan recipes unexpectedly delicious.

Once the dinner is over, hand him/her a funny apron with a statement: Becoming a Vegetarian is a big MISSED STEAK.For sure, your party host and guests will laugh hard at the pun.

Man wearing black apron, statement apron, funny statement apron, vegetarian apron

Check out the Funny Statement Apron here!

2. Self-infused Candle

Moms are often the busiest person in the family every Thanksgiving Day. She cleans the house, irons the linens, buys the ingredients, and lastly—prepares and cooks the festive meals.

Why not change this routine a little? Help her do the household chores and run last-minute holiday errands. And when it’s time for dinner, show her your surprise gift: a self-infused candle.

Just like other scented candles, this candle jar is available in a wide range of fragrance options. What only sets it apart from the regular ones is that each jar comes with infuriating yet witty messages.

This candle, specifically, is so sarcastic, and your mom would probably say the “F” word straight to your face.  

Self-infused candle, Swearing words candle, Sarcastic candle gift

Check out the Self-infused Candle here!

3. Bread-Shaped Pillow

Express your thanks to your party host through a big, cuddly pillow. We know that pillows are a common gift, but not everyone gives a 3D simulation bread-shaped pillow! With its realistic look and vivid look, your recipient might suddenly crave for a baguette.

So if you’re on the hunt for hilarious gifts, include this French bread pillow to your checklist. It’s a lovely and useful gift idea that anyone would love to receive.

French bread pillow, 3D Simulation bread pillow, big bread pillow

Check out the French Bread Pillow here!

4. Pizza Socks Box

No Turkey on the dinner table this Thanksgiving? No problem! There’s a lot of food alternatives that you can share with your family. Among the popular options are buttered salmon, pork roast, lasagna, or a pizza! 

If you find the last one appealing, here’s a relevant gift idea for the whole family: pizza socks. The box comes with 4 pairs of socks that are arranged and designed like a real pizza.

Pizza socks in a box, colorful socks

Check out the Pizza Socks Box here!

5. Watch Ya’ Mouth Game

The party shouldn’t be over after the feast. Perhaps, that explains the meaning of the phrase ‘the night is still young.’ So if the host didn’t prepare any entertaining games, own the floor and do the honors! 

Bring out your fun card games like the ‘Watch Ya’ Mouth.’ Imagine your friends’ silly faces while wearing a cheek retractor or a mouthpiece. What more when they speak words or phrases?

Watch Ya mouth mouthpiece

Check out the Watch Ya’ Mouth Game here!

Gift a Potato Pal!

If all else fails, Potato Parcel got your back. We have a large selection of hilarious gifts that suit any occasion, including Thanksgiving Day.

Potato Pal, a potato with a face of your friend, celebrity, or whoever you want, is one of the best-selling products in our potato line. Our customers loved it because of the excellent picture quality and the laughter it brought from the mailbox.

Check out this unique potato gift and what people think about it here


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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