6 Unique Gift Ideas That Potato Lovers Would Love to Receive

October 06, 2020 3 min read

Running out of gift ideas for your best buds? Come on! Don’t give up yet. The Internet offers a wealth of suggestions that will save you from the hassle. In just a single click, you will find plenty of unique gifts that work for them.

But if most of your pals love anything potato, then there’s nothing to be stressed about. Potato lovers are easy to please, and you won’t need to gift them something expensive!

Below are six gifts that will make your friends giggle in the instant they received them.

1. Mr. Potato Head Face Mask

When it comes to potato-themed gifts, there’s one quirky gift idea that’s worth-giving—Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head! Take advantage of these Toy Story characters by printing their adorable faces on any practical items like a face mask.

But if you have no time to buy and customize a face mask, you may opt to buy ready-made ones. They sure make a funny and useful pandemic gift!

Mr. Potato Head Mask

Check out the Potato Head Face Mask here!

2. Potato Chip Bag Clips

Potato lovers would never trade a bag of potato chips for a pack of cookies (not unless they have a sweet tooth too). They can’t stop eating the snack and can even finish it in one sitting.

However, there are rare cases that they fail to finish their bag of chips. That’s why a set of bag clips also make a nice gift as they will keep their snacks fresh and tasty.

4 Potato Bag Clips

Check out the Potato Chip Bag Clips here!

3. Potato Fleece Blanket

Who says you can’t give your best friends a hug during the pandemic? Instead of sending hug emojisvia Facebook messenger, why not send them a fleece blanket so they can feel the warmth of your embrace?

One more thing. Don’t forget to choose a blanket with a potato design. That way, you will let them know that you support their love for potatoes. Wink!

Potato Fleece Blanket, Black Sofa

Check out the Potato Fleece Blanket here!

4. Baby Potato One-Piece

Did some of your friends go MIA (missing in action) since they became parents? Make them feel you acknowledge their new chapter in life by sending them a baby potato-designed onesie. The gift is not for them, but for their cute little munchkin!

Such a gift will surely bring them so much happiness, knowing that you remembered their little one despite your busy days.

White Potato One-Piece Bodysuit

Check out the Potato One-Piece here!

5. Potato Coffee Mug

You can never go wrong with something as simple as a coffee mug. Not only does this drinkware is very useful, but it also reminds recipients of your generosity every time they sip coffee or other beverage from it.

It’s also a great idea to customize the mug with a cute potato image or message to make the gift hilariously fun.

Potato Mug, White Ceramic Mug, I Don't Know I'm Just a Potato

 Check out the Potato Coffee Mug here!

6. I’m A Potato Phone Case

A phone case makes a perfect gift too. This item never goes out of style, especially if you want something that your pals will actually use. Just have it imprinted with a cutesy potato message and voila! Your recipients can embrace their spirit animal—a potato.

Now, isn’t a potato-themed phone case one of the awesome gift ideas you could consider?

Black iPhone Case, Potato iPhone Case

Check out the Potato Phone Case here!

Send A Potato!

If the above suggestions still don’t suit your fancy, why not send an actual potato? Yes, it’s possible! What’s more interesting is that you can put a message on a potato—and it's a lot more fun than greeting cards or flowers!

At Potato Parcel, we believe that a potato is the best gag gift for any occasion. With a simple message imprinted on it, you guarantee recipients 100% laughter (or a little confusion for some).

There’s more! We also have a comprehensive line of hilarious products that can be beautifully wrapped in a box. You can choose from potato backpack to unisex fries tank top, Mr. Fries dad hat, and more. Check out our fun product selection here.

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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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