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April Fool's Day Gifts: 11 of the Funniest Gag and Prank Gifts

March 28, 2020 5 min read

April Fool’s Day is almost here!

It’s traditional to not only give silly gifts, but also to prank friends and family. The gifts in this article are pranks themselves or can be used to prank other people. No matter what happens, they’re ideal for making everyone laugh and bringing a bit of joy into the world.

April 1st is the only day of the year dedicated to pranking friends, family, and colleagues. We have lots of fun laughing at our friends – while they laugh at themselves!

This is our list of the most hilarious and unique April Fool's gifts of the year!

Fart Filter Prank Box by Prank-O

Fart Filter Prank Box by Prank-O | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out the Fart Filter Prank Box here!

One of our personal favorites! Prank-O is a genius idea. What you see is not the true story here. This Fart Filter doesn't actually exist! The box is meant to shock the recipient and your real gift goes inside. Yes, they sell empty boxes! They have a ton of different themed boxes of outrageous fictional products, meant to get a reaction out of anyone. Some other popular boxes include the Earwax Candle Kit, Plant Urinal, Bacon-scented Dryer Sheets, and so many more! 

Toilet Paper Earrings

Toilet Paper Earrings | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out the Toilet Paper Earrings here! 

Given the recent stresses over toilet paper, these earrings are the perfect gag gift. On stainless steel and handcrafted, they’re a silly choice for someone who found themselves caught up in the latest craziness. You can even order them to be delivered directly to your victim. Everyone will laugh seeing tiny rolls of toilet paper hanging from someone’s ears!

Spider Prank Scare Box

Spider Prank Scare Box | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out the Spider Prank Scare Box here!

Love to get your friends and family a little jumpy? This Spider in a wooden box is the perfect disguise. As the person opens the sliding top of the box, the spider jumps out and freaks out the person opening it! You can really get them going by wrapping it gift wrap and telling them how meaningful of a gift it is for them!

GIANTmicrobes Theme Box – Sick Day

GIANTmicrobes Themed Box | Most Unique April Fool's Gifts

Check out the GIANTmicrobes here!

A sweet gift! With so many people talking about illnesses today, you can have a laugh with these cute little microbes. Fuzzy, little stuffed germs will be there to put a smile on your friend’s face the next time they get a cold or start worrying about illnesses around them.

There are five microbes: common cold, cough, earache, sore throat, and cavity. People of all ages will love these little stuffed funnies. They’re great for young adults and people in the office.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out the Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy here! 

Another goofy gift! Those tube guys in front of car lots and stores are hilarious. Now you can give the gift of silly to your favorite desk jockey. Gift wrap it like it’s an important present. They’ll love it!

Tube guys have become all the rage along the street. Put this little guy on your co-workers' or your child’s desk, and everyone will have a huge laugh!

Crafting with Cat Hair

Crafting with Cat Hair | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out Crafting with Cat Hair here!

Know any cat lovers? Try this as a silly gag gift. It’s a book that teaches people how to use cat hair to make crazy gifts. It might seem strange, but you can really make some adorable stuff from the hair on your meowing fuzz buckets!

Anyone with more than one cat knows that you can make a huge coat out of the hair cats shed. This book helps people make “useful” gifts out of the hair they find in the cat brush! Seriously!

Code Brown Commandoes Emergency Underpants

Code Brown Commandoes Emergency Underpants | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out the Emergency Underpants here!

Hand out this hilarious gift – emergency underpants in compact tins. Nothing says you think someone is a little out of control than giving them underpants for after they poop their pants. This is a gift so funny that they might need them right away!

Let’s face it! Most of us never grew out of fart and poop jokes. We still laugh, even if we do it quietly. These emergency underpants are a hilarious gag that makes the whole room laugh.

Humping Animal Adult Coloring Book

Humping Animal Adult Coloring Book | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out the Humping Animals Adult Coloring Book here! 

When you give someone a gift, it should make them laugh and help to keep them relaxed. Coloring is relaxing and meditative. Coloring animals having sex is just funny. When you’re ready to give an April Fool’s gift that will keep them laughing for months, this is the right one!

Off-color enough to make people a little uncomfortable, this is an awesome gift for someone with a dirty sense of humor.

Potato Parcel

Potato Parcel | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out all of Potato Parcel's items here!

Put your friend’s face on a potato! Yes, their face on a potato. Potato Parcel will put a photo and/or a message on a real Idaho potato. You can even upgrade it to a gift bundle with a fancy box, candy, gift wrapping, and all the fixins! This a weird gift that will make any recipient laugh! No one else will be handing out these gifts this April Fool’s Day.

As seen on Shark Tank, there are several different packages and lots of things you can put on a potato. There’s even a Classy Potato Gift Bundle with a potato and candy to really make a statement.


Blinker Fluid

Blinker Fluid | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out Blinker Fluid here!

For the car lover in your world or the person who has no clue about cars, here’s a bottle blinker fluid! That’s right blinker fluid. In case you don’t know, cars don’t use blinker fluid, but this is the perfect gift for anyone who doesn't know that.

Don’t miss the chance to offer this to someone who has a garage full of tools and toys. They’ll keep this on the shelf and wait for someone to ask about it. It’s also great for the carpool driver who never uses their blinker.

It’s also perfect for a professional mechanic. Leave it on the counter and see how long it take for someone to ask if their car needs it.



Pranklopedia | Most Unique April Fool's Day Gifts

Check out Pranklopedia here!

Be careful giving this as a gift. This is a book of pranks that you might find being played on you. Do you know a jokester who can’t resist making everyone laugh? This is the perfect gag – non-gag gift. They’ll enjoy playing these jokes on others, but... be careful.

Best of all, these pranks aren’t mean. If you know a younger person who likes to play pranks, but some of them get mean, here’s a fun way to redirect them.

April Fool’s Day gifts are a tradition that goes back centuries. No one really knows how this day, also called All Fool’s Day, got started, but it’s celebrated in many different cultures!

Riad Bekhit
Riad Bekhit

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