15 Popular Shark Tank Products to Give as Valentine’s Gifts

January 30, 2021 6 min read

Not all Valentine’s gifts should be cheesy and romantic. The reason being is that some people prefer presents that they can actually use.

If you got a partner who likes anything practical, then this blog is for you. We cherry-picked not just useful products BUT Shark Tank-approved items that make great presents on Valentine’s Day.

Check out some of the popular products featured in the hit American TV series below.


Is wine o’clock your girlfriend’s favorite time? You can’t blame her because a flavorful wine is just so hard to resist.

While a bottle of wine sounds a good gift idea for her, it’s a little predictable. Take her out on a date instead and give her this posh and classy wine cup.

GOVERRE makes wine drinking less obvious and more sassy. This adult sippy cup has been featured not only in Shark Tank but also in Today Show, The View, Oprah Magazine, and more.

goverre, wine cup, sippy cup, adult sippy cup, wine glass, wine, cup

Get this modern wine cup here!

2. Shower Toga

A fun hiking trip is a lovely Valentine’s date idea, especially if both you and your partner love adventures.

A fair warning: you’re likely to find it challenging to bathe while camping. Well, that’s something you’ll be concerned about in pre-Shower Toga days.

Get your girl this multi-use shower curtain on your next outdoor activity to make her feel safe when taking a shower in public.

shower toga, shower curtain, camping, taking a shower

Get this Shower Toga here!

4. Sleep Styler

Married women and busy mothers deserve to glam up and relax for a time. Some are busy working hard for the family, while others dedicate their time to taking care of their children.

Regardless of which category your other half falls under, there’s no reason for you to pamper her on Valentine’s Day. This Sleep Styler is one of those Valentine’s gifts that can express your thank you or show your appreciation towards her.

Just so you know, this heat-free hair tool made its debut on Shark Tank and is currently making waves in business.

sleep styler, hair styler, hair tool, beauty product

Get the Sleep Styler here!

4. Luminoodle Light Rope

Biking at night is a lot dangerous than in the morning. On the contrary, night rides are weirdly imaginative and more fun because there’s less traffic.

If you can’t stop your beau from road riding at night because he keeps insisting on the above reasons, then let him be. Instead, be the supportive girlfriend that you are and gift him something that will keep him safe during the bike ride.

This Luminoodle light rope is something that your man will proudly wear. It’s not like the typical reflectorized jackets or vests and can be used as a hanging lantern on campsites. What a unique Valentine’s Day gift, indeed!

luminoodle, power practical, light rope, night lamp, hanging lantern

Get the Luminoodle Light Rope here!

 5. Q-flex

Does your significant other often complain about back pain because of his/her line of work? In that case, then why don’t you get a massage together? You can either have the spa date at home or visit your go-to massage center on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, don’t let the day end without giving your S/O something handy like Q-flex. As seen on Shark Tank, this acupressure back and body massage tool can give anyone (including your partner) a relaxing massage.

q flex, massage tool, body massage, back pain

Get this Q-flex massage tool here!

6. Oversized Wearable Sherpa Blanket

Got a partner who gets cold easily? This Valentine’s Day, make her feel the warmth of your love through this oversized wearable Sherpa blanket.

This wearable sleep essential satisfies her desire to be as cozy as possible. You can never go wrong in gifting this because even one of the Sharks, Barbara Corcoran loved this product and dubbed it as her favorite pitch.

wearable blanket, sherpa blanket, the comfy, hoodie, girl wearing blanket

Get this wearable blanket here!

7. Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt

Men are sometimes difficult to shop for—that’s a FACT! Here’s a tip: find him something that he can wear or use, like this ratchet belt. 

With this belt, your dad, boyfriend, or husband can finally bid goodbye to unfit, cracking leather belts. The ratchet system creates an easy-to-use and quick release, making it fit perfectly every time! Plus, you can even find a variety of belt colors that suits your recipient’s taste.

ratchet belt, men's belt, black belt

Get this men’s leather ratchet belt here!

8. UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

Can’t seem to think of the best Valentine’s gift for your partner who’s inseparable from her phone 24/7? Look no further with this UV smartphone sanitizer and universal charger.

PhoneSoap 3 was featured on Shark Tank and has been clinically proven to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria. Another perk? This device can also sanitize whatever fits—be it smartwatches, headphones, or keys.

phonesoap, uv sanitizer, phone charger, iphone, smartphone

Get the PhoneSoap here!

9. CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Chair

There’s this saying, “It isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.”

However, if you’re feeling a little generous and you want something that expresses how big your love is, CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair is the perfect present to give. This giant foam chair can turn into a mattress, making it one of the most practical Valentine’s gifts ever!

cordaroy, bean chair, bean bag, mattress, convertible bean chair

Get this convertible bean bag chair here!

10. Bottle Breacher

Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate love, and love is best celebrated with a bubbly beverage—yes, we’re talking about alcohol!

To make the heart’s day more special, gift your significant other this bottle breacher along with a written message, “I love you more than you love beer.” We’re pretty sure that trick will make your S/O love you even more. 

bottle opener, bottle breacher, man's hand, fingers

Get the bottle breacher here!

11. Bala Bangles

Looking for Valentine’s gift that your girlfriend can use every day? If she’s a yoga enthusiast and finds peace in this meditative exercise, then might as well consider gifting her Bala Bangles.

These wearable wrist and ankle weights caught the attention of all the Sharks. Why is that so? Well, how can you resist a fashionable fitness accessory that can be used not only when doing yoga but also while hiking, swimming, and running?

bala bangles, fitness accessory, wrist weights, ankle weights bangle, violet bangles

Get the Bala Bangles here!

12. AQUAPAW Pet Bathing Tool

So, your girlfriend got a new pup and started to fill her social media profiles with her pet’s cute photos. As her beau, don’t you think it’s nice to give her Valentine’s gifts that she can share with her furry baby?

The Aquapaw will definitely make her happy because this bathing tool does two things: spray and scrub! It’s even built with two spray settings: a low spray setting for sensitive areas and a high setting for efficient rinsing of the pet’s coat. 

aquapaw, pet bathing tool, sprayer, scrub, pet scrub, pet spray, blue spray, water, hand

Get this 2-in1-1 bathing tool here!

13. Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler

Sudden weather changes can bring on nasal congestion and a runny nose. If your partner easily gets sick due to a temperature change, that’s enough reason to gift her a nasal inhaler.

We’re not talking about regular inhalers though, but rejuvenating ones. BoomBoom’s aromatherapy inhalers are formulated with essential oils, which means they’re not just relaxing but refreshing too!

boomboom, inhalers, nasal inhalers, aromatherapy, essential oils

Get the BoomBoom inhalers here!

14. Instafire

Can’t wait to go on a camping date with your man? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so better get ready—pack your things in advance, and don’t forget a single camping essential.

Speaking of camping must-haves, the Instafire is one item that you should have on your checklist. This fire or charcoal starter is extremely safe; you can store it anywhere, even near food. Not only that, but it’s also environment-friendly!

instafire, fire starter, charcoal starter

Get the Instafire here!

15. Fingerprint Padlock

There are many Shark Tank products that both men and women can use, including the Benjilock fingerprint padlock.

This padlock is the first traditional rechargeable padlock with fingerprint technology that unlocks with authorized fingerprint/s or key. Since padlocks have great versatility, this product makes a nice gift to a special someone who has almost everything.

benjilock, fingerprint padlock, white padlock, innovative padlock, doorlock

Get this fingerprint padlock here!

How About a Potato Love Bear Bundle?                          

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love to the ones you genuinely care about. If romantic date nights aren’t the best option, you can resort to practical Valentine’s gifts.

Here’s some good news: Potato Parcel can help you pull off a trick that’s neither romantic nor practical—but hilarious yet a little sweet!

We have this Potato Love Bear Bundle, which comes with a customized potato, a surprise gift box, and a bear pop up card by Lovepop. Not everyone expects to receive a potato as a gift, so why not give it a go?

potato bear bundle, love, valentine's day, bear, potato, surprise gift

Learn more about this unique Valentine’s gift here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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