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7 Clever & Funny Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

February 03, 2021 3 min read

Women, especially those who have almost everything, are sometimes difficult to shop for. From fancy clothes to new makeup kits, latest gadgets, luxury bags, they probably have them all.

Here’s the good news: if your gift recipient is a jolly person and laughs at hilarious things, you don’t need to worry. Getting her a gag gift is the best route to choose!

Below you can find funny gifts for women who have everything. Yes, we’re talking about all the women out there—be them a newlywed, a fitness buff, an office worker, a student, and more—who are blessed with all the good things in life.

Let’s get started!

1. The Good Wife Guide

Your best friend who just got hitched is probably clueless about married life. So, forget about couple sleep wears, pieces of furniture, and expensive dinnerware sets because she can get them herself.

Instead, gift her this “The Good Wife Guide” book that contains 19 rules for keeping her husband happy. This one’s a great conversation piece as it’s filled with good and not to mention funny pointers!

good wife guide, wife book, yellow book, lady, polo shirt

Get the “The Good Wife Guide” book here!

2. Don’t Speak Coffee Mug

Got a female friend who likes coffee dates but hates to talk until she finishes her drink? If so, we found the perfect present for her: don’t speak coffee mug.

Just by the look of it, this drinkware gives a humorous approach to how people make conversations while drinking a cup of coffee. Aside from the cuteness it offers, this mug is also thick and sturdy, guaranteeing a long-time use.

don't speak, coffee mug, i'm listening, glass, glass mug

Get this unique coffee mug here!

3. “Porn for New Moms” Book

Don’t get us wrong. Although it has porn on its name, this book is nothing but 100% witty and harmless!

Who would have thought that finding funny gifts for women who have everything can be this exciting? This "Porn for New Moms” book perfectly fits in the category and is sure to be loved by new mothers out there.

porn, porn for new moms, crib, baby, daddy, white wall

Get the “Porn for New Moms” book here!

4. Pooping Unicorn

Can’t think of a gift for your kid at heart best bud? How about considering this unicorn that poops and shoots? It’s a plus if your BFF fancies anything unicorn!

Every time the unicorn is pumped, its bowel opens and out pops a rainbow-colored soft-foam ball. If you feel like having it too, get yourself one and be prepared for a fun outdoor play with your bestie.

unicorn, rainbow balls, popper toy

Get this unicorn popper toy here!

5. Hooter Heaters

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for special occasions to gift something. Gifts can come in handy for the purpose of just making the people you love to roll on the floor laughing!

Speaking about gag gifts, these chest warmers don’t disappoint. While they’re not designed to be worn, their knack for sending out good laughs are enough.

hooter heaters, chest warmers, nips, gag gifts

Get these hooter heaters here!

6. Fish Slippers

Not all women who have everything are picky when it comes to gifts—and you’re lucky if you got a friend who’s one of them.

If that’s the case, then there’s nothing to worry about. She would probably love receiving funny yet practical gifts like these fish slippers.

fish slippers, green slippers, green fish, feet

Get these fish slippers here!

7. Racing Grannies

They say friends come and go, but how come you and your bestie remained friends for decades? That only proves true friends last forever. (wink)

Are you feeling a little cheesy and thinking about sending your BFF a gift? These racing grannies are a great choice! You can play them together and imagine the two of you are having the race.

racing grannies, yellow jacket, grey hair, wheels

Get these racing grannies here!

A Customized Potato Never Disappoints

This might sound ridiculous, but potatoes also never disappoint as a gift. Whatever the occasion is, or even there’s none, a customized potato is sure to give laughter (and confusion) to everyone.

So if you want a gift that offers a lot of laughs, Potato Pal will never let you down! Simply upload your image file, add to cart, provide the recipient’s shipping address and your email address, and voila—your best friend is about to receive the funniest gift ever!


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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