5 Best Potato Recipes to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

December 29, 2020 3 min read

New Year’s Eve is best celebrated with good food and drinks. But if you’re planning to welcome 2021 with a light, hearty, yet delicious meal, this list of potato recipes is something that you need.

We’ve cherry-picked five scrumptious potato dishes that will make your New Year’s Eve a lot special.

Bon appétit!

1. Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes

Whether you’re a potato lover or not, we’re sure having this potato dish on your table would get you excited.

Why? Because almost everyone is used to eating mashed potato as a side dish and potato chips as snacks—and baked potatoes are a breath of fresh air!

Plus, this baked potato recipe puts together two of the most well-loved ingredients—bacon and cheddar cheese. What a great combination, isn’t it?

baked potato, cheddar cheese, bacon

Image by: Sergey Dvornikov

Get the recipe here!

2. Sweet Potato Pie

Not really a fan of potatoes? No problem! There’s an equally healthy alternative that can bring delight to your New Year’s Eve party: sweet potatoes.

As its name says, these starchy root vegetables are perfect for making sweet dishes or desserts like this sweet potato pie.

This recipe is easy to make and won’t require chef-like skills to pull-off a picture-perfect and crunchy pie.

sweet potato, potato, sweet potato pie

Image by: Steve Davis

Get the recipe here!

3. Fondant Potatoes

When we chanced upon this fondant potato recipe, we immediately thought of fondant cakes shaped in a cylinder. Surprisingly, this dish has received tons of positive feedback, so we added it to the list.

If you want an appetizing and appealing dinner, then you should consider this one. The peeled, standing potatoes look so dashing when cooked and garnished with thyme.

It’s like you’re having mini fondant cakes, but fried and toasted. Or you may look at it as if you’re having baked hash browns. Yum!

fondant, fondant potatoes, roasted potatoes, fried potatoes, baked potatoes

Image by: suzi

Get the recipe here!

4. Potato Hay

Does your family has this tradition of playing games while munching on savory finger foods every New Year’s Eve? If yes, this Potato Hay recipe is a must-have on your dining table! 

Forget about those store-bought chips. Make your own crispy, healthy, and  delicious potato chips.

The best thing about this potato recipe is that you won’t need to deep fry the potato. Just place the seasoned potato spirals in the air fryer and they’re good to go!

potato hay, ketchup, potato chips, spiral potato

Image by: lutzflcat

Get the recipe here!

5. Jalapeno Potatoes

Craving something hearty and spicy? Why not let your craving wait till New Year’s Eve? Prepare this jalapeno potato recipe and share it with the whole gang to welcome the New Year with a bang!

This potato dish doesn’t disappoint spicy food lovers because the heat from the jalapenos gives a surreal spicy kick.

Its creamy and smooth texture also makes the dish indeed mouthwatering, to the point that you’ll crave some more!

jalapeno, potatoes, jalapeno potatoes, spicy potatoes, baked potatoes, creamy potatoes

Image by: Christina

Get the recipe here!

You Can Never Go Wrong with Potatoes!                

There’s no better way to welcome 2021 than with tasty potato dishes. Potatoes are such a versatile ingredient, not to mention that they’re easily accessible and healthy too.

Try any of the above potato recipes and who knows, one of them could become a favorite dish that everyone requests every New Year’s Eve.

So what happens next after the party? To start off a great year, send out some customized potatoes or potato gifts. Love the idea? Perfect! Click here to learn more.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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