6 Party Ideas for Your Last-Minute New Year’s Get-Together

December 30, 2020 3 min read

Running out of fun party ideas for your last-minute New Year’s get-together? Worry not! We’re here to save you from the trouble because we’ve gathered a few gimmicks that will make your spontaneous year-end party more memorable.

1. Serve Boozy Desserts

If baking is your hidden talent, then New Year is the perfect time to let people know how good you’re at making desserts.

And, since alcohol is a favorite at parties…why not have it in desserts? Put a little booze on your baked goodies—be them cupcakes, cake balls, cookies, and more.

For sure, your family or party guests wouldn’t help but love the extra dose of goodness your desserts bring!

cupcake, chocolate cupcake, boozy desserts, alcoholic desserts, booze

Image by: Spoon University

Check out some boozy desserts here!

2. Garnish Your Drinks

Whether you’re serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, there’s no reason for you not to decorate them.

Like food, drinks can look more quench-thirsting and enticing when garnished with fruits, herbs, and anything edible.

milkshake, chocolate drink, chocolate drink, chocolate milkshake, chocolate shavings, chocolate martini

Image by: Taste of Home

See cocktail garnish inspirations here!

3. Play a Party Game

Board and card games are comparable to music and drinks. Can’t seem to get their connection? Come on! It’s because these games also bring parties to life.

So, if you have Uno cards, Monopoly, Scrabble, or other games hidden somewhere in your house, better bring them out on New Year’s Eve!   

Playing board or card games not only makes the New Year’s welcome less boring but also strengthens family ties.

uno cards, card games, uno, family card games

Get the Uno Cards here!

4. Create an Instagrammable Wall

Do you know a fantastic way to kick off 2021? It’s to feed your Instagram account with beautiful pictures!

But first, make sure you have an Instagram-friendly wall. Decorate your wall with party balloons and be ready to strike a pose.

black and gold balloons, happy new year, balloons, party table, cake, dessert table, wall decoration, wall decors

Shop these Fancy Balloons here!

5. Make Your Own Party Poppers

Are you the type of person who likes DIY stuff and owns tons of creative materials at home? Then it’s time to get crafty.

Make your own party poppers out of the materials you have. And, if you have glitters, sequins, and balloons, you should try these DIY glitter party poppers we found on the Internet.

What’s ideal about these party poppers is that you can use empty toilet rolls to hold the confetti.

party poppers, DIY party poppers, empty tissue roll, gold and silver

Image by: DanyaBanya.com

See the step-by-step tutorial here!

 6. Serve a Hearty Dish

Of course, parties aren’t complete without delicious meals. Serve a variety of food and snacks, and don’t forget to include hearty dishes in your New Year’s Eve menu.

There are many healthy recipes to consider, from vegetable salad to mushroom soup, baked salmon, potato dishes, and more.

bacon, egg, bacon and egg cups, plate, ketchup

Image by: Tara Donne

Check out Food Network’s healthy recipes here!

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If love this idea, then Potato Parcel would happily assist you. We have a fun selection of potatoes and things that make hilarious presents or gag gifts.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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