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8 Weird & Funny Valentine’s Gifts for Your Single Friends

January 12, 2021 3 min read

Does the idea of hearing your single friends curse Valentine’s Day bother you a lot? If you can’t join them on the 14th of February, console them through funny Valentine’s gifts. Who knows, your little present might make them hate V-Day less.

Check out below the best Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to cheer them up even on the dullest winter day.

1. Anti-Love Office Card

There’s no better gift for your self-professed anti-Valentine’s Day best friend than this anti-love office card featuring Dwight Schrute. The card means nothing but the truth though: Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide are in the air, not love.

anti-love, galentine's day, anti-love office card, anti-valentine's day, valentine's card

Get this hilarious V-Day card here!

 2. LEGO Tulips

Looking for Valentine’s gift ideas that celebrate you and your bestie’s strong friendship? This set of LEGO tulips is worth a few bucks! Tell your BFF that you chose this gift because you want tulips that actually last.

 tulips, flowers for valentine's day, lego tulips, bee, red tulips

Get this set of LEGO tulips here!

 3. Fifty Shades of Bacon

A person who’s cold and lonely may lose interest in preparing meals, no matter how much he/she loves cooking.

Don’t want your friend to lose her appetite on Valentine’s Day? Then, gift her this Fifty Shades of Bacon, a sensual cookbook that delves into the full bacon experience.

50 shades of grey, 50 shades of bacon, necktie, book, recipe book, bacon recipes

Get the Fifty Shades of Bacon here!

 4. Pecker-shaped Pasta

If you’re really serious about sending funny Valentine’s gifts to your single friends, make sure you include this pecker-shaped pasta in your gift list. This pasta, cooked or not, will give them a good laugh!

pecker-shaped pasta, silly pasta, linguine pasta

Get this Linguine Pecker Pasta here!

5. Wine Condoms Bottle Stopper

Are you in the mood to mock your newly single male and female buds? How about you send them this wine condoms bottle stopper? Like, hello, even their wine bottles need some protection! (laughs)

wine stopper, wine condom, wine bottle stopper

Get this wine bottle stopper here!

6. Making Love Potions

A love potion doesn’t guarantee 100% results. However, your best friends may resort to it once they become obsessed with an intimate relationship. In that case, you better get your BFFs this Making Love Potions book so they can bring more love into their lives.

love potions, how to make love potions, ingredients of a love potion

Get the Making Love Potions book here!

7. Novelty Boxer Shorts for Men

Got a male BFF who’s been single for years? This Valentine’s Day, send him these novelty boxer shorts to remind him that it’s about time to find his better half, or else he will soon become extinct. (Yes, we know that you get what we mean).

novelty boxer shorts, black boxer shorts, extinct

Get these humorous boxer shorts here!

8. Tinder Nightmares

Valentine’s is the biggest day for Tinder. If your BFF doesn’t have a Tinder account yet, then sway her to create one and find a date through the app!

You may also gift her the Tinder Nightmares book, not to frighten her, but to give her a heads up on what’s ahead. This book explores everything, including pickup lines, breakups, ridiculous exchanges in Tinder, and more.

tinder, tinder nightmares, tinder book, black book, x sign

Get the Tinder Nightmare book here!

Send Your Love through Potatoes                            

While the above Valentine’s gift suggestions can crack up your best buds with laughter, we got other funny Valentine’s gifts that will surprise and perk them up.

Potato Parcel has a fun collection of Potatoes N' Things that makes great, hilarious presents on various occasions, including Valentine’s Day. We’ll have your potato customized—write your message or upload a photo on it.

Believe us, a personalized potato never fails to astonish people! Click here to find out how happy our customers are with their potato gifts.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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