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10 Best Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for Her

January 12, 2021 3 min read

Is romance your middle name? If so, you better pull-off some Cupid-approved surprises for your girl on V-Day! We cherry-picked the best romantic Valentine’s gifts for her that she'll surely appreciate.

 1. Personalized Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

The phrase “You’re my missing piece” may sound a bit cliché. Instead of saying this, why not send this jigsaw heart puzzle with a heartfelt message on the back? For sure, your partner would hurry to put the puzzle pieces together to find out what you have to say.

 jigsaw puzzle, heart, heart puzzle, wooden puzzle, box with heart

Get this wooden heart puzzle here!

 2. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Does your girlfriend or wife love essential oils the way she loves fancy jewelry? We found one of the best romantic Valentine’s gifts for her: an essential oil diffuser bracelet. With this locket bracelet, your mate can enjoy the pleasure of aromatherapy anytime or anywhere.

oil diffuser bracelet, locket bracelet, silver bracelet, oil diffuser, essential oil

Get the essential oil locket bracelet here!

 3. “What I Love About You" Journal

Feeling a little cheesy on Valentine’s Day? That’s actually a great thing, especially if your significant other has gone through a lot of stress lately. Fill this What I Love About You journal with sweet nothings to remind her how well-loved and appreciated she is.

 what i love about you journal, what i love about you, compliment book, love

Get the “What I Love About You” journal here!

 4. Handmade Preserved Flower Rose

A bouquet of red roses doesn’t disappoint as a V-Day gift. If your girl isn’t a fan of fresh flowers, this handmade rose makes a perfect alternative. The rose is beautifully preserved in gold, silver, or heart-shaped box, and unlike fresh flowers, it will not die after a few days or weeks. 

handmade preserved rose, preserved red rose

Get this handmade, preserved rose here!

5. Milk and Honey Poem Book

Have you tried sending a love poem to your girl on Valentine’s Day? If not, then it’s time to unleash the William Shakespeare within you! In case you’re really not that poetic, this Milk and Honey poem book may suffice as a romantic Valentine’s gift for her.

 milk and honey, love poems, poem book

Get this Milk and Honey poem book here!

6. Monthly Date Night Subscription Box

Are you running out of Valentine’s date ideas? This monthly date subscription box is what you need! You can give this to her on V-Day so that you can have a new date night theme on the 14th and in the months to come.

monthly date subscription box, date night, valentine's date

Get this Date Night subscription box here!

 7. Copper Cat Ring Holder

Valentine’s Day is the best time to propose to your girl. To make your proposal unpredictable, pull out this copper cat ring holder from your pocket instead of a ring box. Just put the holder in the box and pop the question once she sees the ring hanging on the cat’s tail. So unique, right?

 copper cat, ring holder, cat ring holder, silver ring

Get this copper-finished cat ring holder here!

8. “Love You Most. The End. I Win” Picture Frame

Did you just move with your wife to a new home? There’s no better housewarming gift for her than this wooden Love You Most. The End. I Win picture frame. Consider this one of the most romantic Valentine’s gifts as it cherishes your loving relationship for years.

 love you the most, the end, i win. wooden picture frame, rustic photo frame

Get this rustic picture frame here!

 9. Let’s Stay In Recipe Book

If you have a foodie girlfriend who prefers home-cooked meals, we suggest gifting "Let’s Stay In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish the People You Love" recipe book. As its name suggests, this book can satisfy your girl’s fetish for delish meals and lets her enjoy the taste of home.

let's stay in, home-cooked meals, recipe book

Get the "Let's Stay In" recipe book here!

 10. Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray

A candlelit bath night is synonymous with romantic date nights. To make your Valentine’s date even more romantic, set up this bamboo bath caddy tray on the bathtub and fill it with a fragrant candle, her favorite wine, fresh flowers, and sweets.

 bathtub caddy, bamboo bath caddy tray, bathtub tray, wine glass, bathtub, flower vase, woman's hand

Get the bamboo bath caddy tray here!

One More V-Day Gift Idea: Potato Love Bear Bundle      

They say humor is essential in romantic relationships. If your partner often laughs at your quirky jokes that no one else seems to get, we got another romantic Valentine’s gift for her: the Potato Love Bear Bundle!

potato, bear, popup card, gift bundle, potato love bear budle

This bundle comes with a potato customized with your message or photo, a surprise gift box, and a bear pop up card by Lovepop. You also have the option to have it gift-wrapped and sent directly to your girl’s place.

Learn more about this unique and sweet Valentine’s gift here.


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Faye Garcia
Faye Garcia

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