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5 Hilarious Thanksgiving Gifts That Will Make People ROFL

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You’ll be gathering with your close friends or family for a fancy dinner. How did we know? Well, that’s already a given.  Just one piece of advice. Never ever show up empty-handed. Whether it’s your mom or best bud, hosting the party, make sure to give a small token of appreciation. After all, that’s what the celebration is all about—sending gratitude. Need help finding presents for your host? We got you covered! We’ve cherry-picked 5 hilarious gifts that will give recipients a good laugh. 1. Funny Statement Apron Still unsure whether to show up at your Friendsgiving feast because the host is a Vegetarian? Come on. Don’t be a snob! Grace the party and...

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6 Unique Gift Ideas That Potato Lovers Would Love to Receive

Running out of gift ideas for your best buds? Come on! Don’t give up yet. The Internet offers a wealth of suggestions that will save you from the hassle. In just a single click, you will find plenty of unique gifts that work for them. But if most of your pals love anything potato, then there’s nothing to be stressed about. Potato lovers are easy to please, and you won’t need to gift them something expensive! Below are six gifts that will make your friends giggle in the instant they received them. 1. Mr. Potato Head Face Mask When it comes to potato-themed gifts, there’s one quirky gift idea that’s worth-giving—Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head! Take advantage of these Toy...

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April Fool's Day Gifts: 11 of the Funniest Gag and Prank Gifts

April Fool’s Day is almost here! It’s traditional to not only give silly gifts, but also to prank friends and family. The gifts in this article are pranks themselves or can be used to prank other people. No matter what happens, they’re ideal for making everyone laugh and bringing a bit of joy into the world. April 1st is the only day of the year dedicated to pranking friends, family, and colleagues. We have lots of fun laughing at our friends – while they laugh at themselves! This is our list of the most hilarious and unique April Fool's gifts of the year! Fart Filter Prank Box by Prank-O Check out the Fart Filter Prank Box here! One of our...

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